BIMBIT is produced by the team TRIMIY and WAHANA – a perfect union of tech champions that belief in empowering individuals and organisations with the know-how to live, work and play in a digital age.

BIMBIT serves as a nexus that not only brings together but also binds entities and players that are at the forefront of digital technology and frontiers of digital ideas and network collaboration.

In a shrinking and flattened world, finding solutions for end users – both individuals and organisations – requires more than just software or gadgets. And those solutions may not necessarily be the domain of the strong and entrenched in the industry, but also the new and the novel.  Experiencing new technologies sprouting at the frontiers, forging right connections and spawning valued network collaborations are now essential ingredients for any individuals and organizations alike, to succeed in meeting end-user needs, demands and expectations these days.

BIMBIT series of TechTalk, TechPRO, TechBoost and TechVibes serve to take you there. 



Vibes For Digital

Join BIMBIT series of sessions to hear and experience technologies at the frontiers, forge new connections and spawn value networks

Go Digital To Seize The Day

Knowing the trends, tools and techniques to operate in a digital age can bring a huge difference to how we live, learn, work and even play.  TechTalk will dish out in very simple terms the digital trends coming your way and will spur you to explore tools and experiment techniques that will allow you to shape you live, work and play well as in a digital age.

What we will do

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About Confront

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What you will learn

To know what we do not know is a key step towards learning something new. Learning to Learn & Work In Digital Age programme opens-up the perspectives of participants towards the fast-moving trends in digital technologies that have created an abundant of DIGITAL TOOLS and TACTICS that will transform how people WORK and LEARN.





Keynote speakers

Meet our most valued speakes

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Many startups sometimes believe government regulations can get in the way of innovation or progress. Yet some of those rules and laws are there to protect the public at large. Some, like the Indonesian government, is aware of the new trends and is working hand in hand with companies and startups to create the next generation policies. This keynote reveals what the Indonesian government, at all levels, are doing to work together with the private sector to foster innovation.

Fadjar Hutomo

SE Asia has never been sexier than ever! With the rapid growth in mobile technology and the recent emergence of startups in the region, this session will discuss how Southeast Asia should build technological synergies to accelerate the digital economy and how it can contribute to local stakeholders, both existing companies and startups. What can Startups do for the region and how can traditional companies remain relevant in the 21st Century.

Sebastian Togelang

Try to scrolling through your online bank statements and you must be surprised to find how long you had not removed cash from an ATM. Thanks to the digital payment revolution, it has become increasingly easy and safe as we conduct transaction or it has not? As more shops and transport networks adapt to contactless card and touch-and-go mobile technology, many major cities around the world are in the process of relegating cash to second-class status. Could we see a whole city go cash-free? What might the rise of the cashless city mean for street vendors, small merchants and the poorest inhabitants? Some experts now fear a two-tier urban realm in which those on the lowest incomes become disconnected from mainstream commercial life by their dependence on traditional forms of currency. Now, the question remains of how the poorest might connect with the digitised world of the middle-class consumer?

Andre Soelistyo President, GO-JEK

The development of innovation-driven smart city concept has grown exponentially over the past years. Cities across Indonesia are integrating connected technologies and embracing multiple innovative digital technologies to turn major Tier 1 or 2 cities into a digital hub or smart cities in efforts to improve the urban experience. But what does this really mean? What are the most recent smart city developments? What are the opportunities and challenges? How can businesses help and/or benefit from these new initiatives? Hear directly from one of the nation’s leading Smart City voices.

Asia is home to more than 1.05 billion Muslims, or about 62 percent of the global Muslim population (Deloitte, 2015). As such, Southeast Asia has seen the rise of the Muslim-focused startup space. The panel will discuss the hidden opportunity in Muslim startups, how Muslim consumers and innovators can contribute significantly to the region. At the same time, the market is facing challenges such as cautious investors and some skeptical stakeholders. This interesting panel will also discuss about the revenue model that fits with the Sharia law, what the Muslim digital economy would look like in the future and how businesses can tap into this growing trend.

Dondi Hananto Co-founder and Partner, Kinara

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The event was packed with hundreds of tech startups eager to raise their profile
Michael DERILLCTO @Flopbox
The optimism at the TechVibe conference here in BALI is palpable
Amy WhiteDesigner @ Kinlore
Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric
Mika AugusGundam Pilot

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