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Photo of Dease LakeIn 1837 a Hudson's Bay Company post was created by Mr. Robert Campbell on the shore of Dease Lake about 50 km North of the Stikine River and 150 km south of where the present day Alaska Highway passes. The Lake had been named in 1834 for Chief Factor Peter Warren Dease, and would become a major junction for miners traveling to the gold rush in Cassiar. Although the fort was abandoned soon after, the town lived on, and continued to grow.

Today, Dease Lake is a thriving, dynamic community, and is the last major centre before the Alaska Highway, and also the junction to Telegraph Creek and the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Stikine. Partly due to the closing of the asbestos mine in Cassiar, Dease Lake's population continues to grow.

Dease Lake boasts a growing population, a thriving tourist industry, and an exciting community atmosphere. The town has a school, various stores, hotels, restaurants, a community college campus, and local pub. It is an exciting destination for travelers who want to experience one of the last great wilderness in the world today, or for families seeking a peaceful community to settle down in.

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Dease Lake is the perfect staging ground for someone who wants to explore the Stikine region. 50 km north of the Stikine River, Dease Lake is the junction for those wishingto go west to 630-779-5923, or continue towards the Yukon. Day trips into Telegraph Creek, Iskut, Jade City, Good Hope Lake, and numerous lakes, trails, and provincial parks are all possible from Dease Lake.

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Good Hope Lake,
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