HA is a TOKEN system that runs on the blockchain of the new digital cryptocurrency protocol and is designed specifically for HEALTHCAIN-compliant networks and distributed programs.

In the early stages of technology development, HA will publish the ERC20-based TOKEN at Ethereum and apply it to HEALTH CHAIN network applications. After the establishment of the HEALTH CHAIN system, the tokens of ERC20 held by the user are exchanged with the new TOKEN of the HEALTH CHAIN blockchain network, and the corresponding rights will be transferred to the new blockchain network.

HA's release mechanism

The total amount of HA is 10 billion, which represents the right to use the HA protocol. The total amount of HA cannot be increased. The initial HA's mining distribution calculation is based on the number of healthy angels and the two major factors of consumption.

Assets are generated through two steps: creation and consumption mining. Any health 1 online store consumer can issue assets. The first batch of issued and issued 45 million pieces, Consumption generation 55 million pieces, limited annual issue.

HEALTH CHAIN's solution


Reduce trust costs

Blockchain is a trusted machine. It is a technology that establishes a trust mechanism between completely untrusted nodes. It is a value network that uses the Internet to convey value. It is a technology that uses time as a friend.

The actual utility of health service items or products is stored on the health chain CHAIN health chain, and scientifically and objectively expressed to consumers. Only when the consumer behavior is based on the rational choice of consumers can sustainable development be achieved.


Anti-counterfeiting, truth-telling and avoiding disputes

HEALTH CHAIN combines blockchain technology and can be used for product fraud prevention. The two major characteristics of blockchain technology, that its data can't be tampered with and the transaction can be traced, can record the information of the big health industry chain in the entire blockchain, start distributed registration from the source, and provide products and services to each step of the terminal. Clear data records. Can not be tampered with the chain, combined with Internet of Things technology, to ensure that each data is true and reliable, so that the supply chain process is transparent, visual, provide more real feelings, reshape the entire industry chain of credit, completely eradicate the health of the industry Various problems. This model will surely bring great changes to the big health industry.


Decentralized Digital Rights - -- "Health Upgrades"

Traditional clothing, food, housing, and transportation are all closely related to people's health. HEALTH CHAIN combined with life science and technology can increase consumers' "health added value". This is also the direction of development of industries that the policy encourages and supports. Health assets HA is a TOKEN issued on HEALTH CHAIN. It is a digital asset that uses blockchain to determine the rights. It has endorsements by a large health industry entity. After digitizing health assets, it has both stable rights and benefits. The advantages of digital assets are high liquidity, free from time and geographical constraints, and can be fully circulated through compliance scenarios through cryptographic security and extremely low handling fees.


Digital identity

There is a series of different blockchain protocols in the current blockchain ecosystem, and blockchain digital identities can record the true information of each identity without any mistakes, and truly decentralize the digital identities completed in the consensus layer. Individuals in the blockchain and relevant health-care industry agencies can play a fairer role in service and cooperation. These application layers on the blockchain can share the digital identity information of the consensus layer. The digital identity does not depend on any centralized or third-party entities for verification. It can make any real information easy to obtain in an unprecedented way.


Smart contract

Smart contracts have many advantages such as self-government, self-sufficiency, and distributed. HEALTH CHAIN adopts a blockchain smart contract mechanism. Any two parties agree on smart contract terms and use their own digital identities to make rights. The information data of consumer health products and services can be Easily track traceability. HEALTH CHAIN utilizes blockchain technology to align the real utility of the health services or products registered on the chain with the consumers. The smart contract makes the consumption process more transparent, faster, and safer. The result is irreversible and permanent. .


Diversified digital community

The HEALTH CHAIN community is composed of health product manufacturers, merchants, health malls, health angel partners, shareholders, and Dongfang Kangmei Hospital. HEALTH CHAIN designed a unique distribution mechanism and consensus display mechanism. Consumers came to HEALTH CHAIN to face the consensus recognition of the largest convention in the global market, removing consumer circulation, thereby realizing diversification and digitization of the health market. The idea is to build a diversified and healthy digital open community to jointly cultivate the credit soil of the big health market.

The benefits of HEALTH CHAIN

First, flexible circulation

HEALTH CHAIN adopts blockchain technology to make rights in digital rights. Consumers can choose various consumption scenarios or share TOKEN to get TOKEN to become a digital asset that can be used in healthy 1net mall platform. Compliance trading in the secondary digital asset market.

Second, the wind control protection

HEALTH CHAIN relies on blockchain technology to deliver historical information and record of value exchange for health products and services initially selected, which greatly increases the transparency of the participation of health service agencies and suppliers (plants) in participating in all parties and improves the recoverability. Responsibility reduces credit costs. According to the selected large-scale health entity's endorsement, TOKEN (Diamon)-digital assets are issued in a consumer fashion to achieve controllable risks.

Third, integrity endorsement, open and transparent

The endorsement provided by HEALTH CHAIN will not allow any information and data to be tampered with, and traceability can be easily achieved. This will automate and highly trust the value-to-point flow process. This not only saves time and costs, but also fully protects consumer transactions. Fairness.

Fourth, to achieve multiple interface access