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A design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software / hardware development and others collaborate intensively on software/hardware projects.


Brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.


A relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

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Helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space.

TinkerHack Hackathon

It is with great pleasure to presents to you "TinkerHack", organized by IIIT-Delhi on the 2nd of November 2018 in association with the IEEE Student Chapter and Knowtek.The event will be broadly based on the Internet of Things and associated domains, it will be in sync with government initiatives like Make in India, Digital India, Skill India, Smart Cities, etc.

Previous Events

some of the events organised with KnowTek

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Arduino Based Hardware Workshop mainly focuses on the students eager to learn internet of things and upcoming Arduino technology.

Introduction To Sensor Modules

Students got the chance to increase their knowledge under the field of designing, construction, operation and application of internet of things with real time data visualization.

Smart City Workshop

This workshop provided an overview of IoT applied while architecting smart city applications.The session provided building blocks of smart cities.

Intro to Communication networking

Attendees learned fundamentals of IoT infrastructure and networking such as Wi-Fi, BLE, ZigBee and Cellular concepts.

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Learning from books and reading theory is one thing…learning by inventing and practising the theory in real life and growing is whole an 'awesome level!' Get ready to make yourself at home with our active team members and great community.

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