How not to propose 101:

Once upon a time in a land populated with morons and dillholes of varying age and variety existed some men cursed with the misfortune of remaining solitary till the end of time.these men were miserable, sad and dejected. Nothing in life seem to dig them out of their misery. One day a fairy princess known for her flair and elegance decided to get to the root of their troubles and revert them out of their soltary confinement…what the fairy found chilled her to the bone and made her run to the farthest corners of the land.the reason for these men’s desolation that resulted in the fairy’s hasty departure was only one; ‘horrible proposals’.
“These disastrous ways of proposals if executed by anyone will thou shall bring the same curse on oneself.The mystery of elegance and romance will always elude from them”, said the fairy .
So following the friendly fairy’s advice here are the ways in which one should not even think about proposing;
⦁ private disasters:
when one proposes in the most abysmal way possible but with no one watching.
⦁ during her work


nobody wants to be proposed during the short few minutes of relief that one gets everyday during work…ughh

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She’s mine,all mine.

A brief history of rings and proposals…

Yesterday in the middle of my lecture break when my friend yelled at a guy for trying to make his girlfriend uncomfortable, nevermind the girlfriend in question was just fine and actually enjoying the flirting…huh!; I was carried back to the time when men used to chase away the prospective candidates for their beloved on the point of spears; yeah this may sound primitive and woeful but the practice has not dissolved away in today’s world and on the contrary it is more prevalent than ever.

Even today men refuse to have complete faith in their loved one ; believing that women are easily swayed away and they feel the need to gnash their teeth in front of any suitors they deem inappropriate. This lack of confidence on the intelligence of the entire female population is infuriating and irritating but at the end of the day they are men and they have to be beared…sigh.

Be it the old Romans who use to tie grass anklets, bracelets and rings on their female counterparts to mark them as their own to the powerful megalomaniac in the form Christian Grey who married Ana partly because of love and partly because he was too afraid that she might want to leave him and go.13

This wildly disproportionate possessiveness does seem endearing when takes place in light amounts for example when Chandler forbade Monica to flirt with other men as she is the more attractive counterpart in the relationship or when Sahil becomes sad seeing Monisha’s wild infatuation with a soap opera star.

But this uncomprehending need of men to mark their authority over their betrothed exceeds to the point of leaving a mark on their beloved one by making them wear a symbol of possession.

Therefore the beautiful concept of proposal and giving an engagement ring as a sweet reminder of the promise of forever actually has its roots of origins as something that was given by men in order to confesticate the women they want to marry in a binding contract they cannot turn back from and also to show the other suitors that the prize has been claimed.

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Worthy of a princess…

13 of the most magnificient diamond rings formed by all the six shapes of diamond and their combination that are only worthy of your princess.


⦁ The modern vintage
Beautiful cushion cut beautiful diamond ring, this ring gives the essence of completeness and has a slight off kilter vintage look about it, since brought back from the fashion of 80’s. The look of stability that is brought on by the ring is priceless.


2) The ovular elegance
the elegant o2val cut diamond ring is the new chic and elegant style, surrounded by an array of diamonds makes the diamond glow brighter and the ring looks the exact blend of debonair and prim.


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Buying an engagement ring can be tricky but giving it to her for the keeps, now that’s the real challenge.
Don’t worry here are some basic canons to guide you through:
Be you
Yeah yeah it does seem like the ultimate humdrum cliche line found in basically all of the personality guides that you can think of; but that doesnt make the rule any less prominent. Be original and be true to your love for one another, dont go out chasing her on one foot with the proposal or be the example of extravagance that people write down to avoid in the future. Be simple and use the moments spent in each others company to evoke the desire to be one forever.
Be true to her
the proposal is your intiative but dont forget the main propganda around which this event revolves is her,keep in mind her likes and dislikes before deciding the way to propose her.
If she tends to be private and deeply affectionate in her own quiet and indivisiual way; choose an intimate setting with just you and her and pop these magical words then
or you can change the tack and let it be something fun and cool like going on a picnic or a tressure hunt.
If she is the wild adventorous outdoorsy kind who loves a public display propose her through print in public medias or by radio dedication.
Be simple and creative
the golden rule is not to go all out and out and extravagant but dont be as boring and cliche’ as proposing on the valentines day.
Each couple and their bond is unique in their own right, exploit that, use the special dapper things that only you share to device a unique method for proposal. You are just doing this once so better do it right!
Be spontaneous and sweep her off her feet
proposing instataneously during a conversation or activity will be a complete shock to her system and will always be true to her heart in the reply.
Suprising her during a movie break or dispalying your question in the ending credits of the play seem like intresting and fun methods if she is game to enjoy them.
Asking a caricaturist in a park to draw a picture of her with those special words painted on them is another suggestion .

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