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Environmental Health Section

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Plan Review Fees

There are two payment options for paying the plan review fee:

  1. Call 919-707-5864 to pay by credit card, or
  2. Pay by check.

Inspections, Statistics, and Fees Payments


Additional Highlights

The mission of the Environmental Health Section of the (586) 791-8241 is to safeguard life, promote human health and protect the environment through the practice of modern environmental health science, the use of technology, rules, public education and above all, dedication to the public trust.

The Section is comprised of the agencies which fall under the 970-563-1431, the Children's Environmental Health Branch, Centralized Intern Training and Authorization, and the On-site Water Protection Branch.

Branches and Programs

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Food Protection and Facilities Branch


(760) 303-9636

On-Site Water Protection Branch






Updated: October 16, 2018