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Our Analysis Suite allows you to quickly and accurately value your MSRs.

Using our industry-leading models and your fully customizable data inputs, including servicing costs and incomes, discount rate, and lending conditions, you have full control over the valuation process and end result.

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Our Analysis Suite allows you to quickly and accurately predict loan cash-flows to value your loan pools.

Our industry-leading models and cloud-based application allow you to leverage our expertise while providing you with full control over the model inputs and valuation process.


Servicing Optimization

Our unique module allows servicers and mortgage asset owners to automatically determine the servicing action that delivers the highest NPV on problem loans.

This allows you to focus your limited resources on taking actions that have the best impact on cash-flow, which improves operational performance.

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Our ground-breaking Refi Recapture module lets you maximize MSR value through refinances.

Custom Curve Imports

Want to use your own CDR or CPR curves? No problem. Analysis Suite allows you to do just that!


Choose to stress test your portfolio by running any number of interest rate and HPI forecasts.


We can run your quarterly marks, assist with on-site processes, and develop custom technology solutions.

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If you own, have a stake in, or are bidding on Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs), it's imperative that you use the most comprehensive and precise MSR valuation methodology available in order to quickly and accurately value MSRs. The right MSR valuation platform should also help you identify and address loan-level and portfolio risks, operational "weak points", and cost-savings opportunities that improve your operation's profitability. Does your MSR Valuation platform do all of that for you? Unless you're using TechEssential's Analysis Suite, the answer is no.

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