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BMXT Markets
TypeLogoTickerCoin NameLastHighLowChng%Vol (BMXT)
Coin(773) 919-07110.000000000.000000000.000000000.000.00

BTC Markets
TypeLogoTickerCoin NameLastHighLowChng%Vol (BTC)

Coin Markets


Token Markets

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Assets Info


LogoTickerFull NameAlgoTypeTotal SupplyDiff. PoWDiff. PoSExplorerForumSource
BTCBitcoinSHA256PoW21,000,000336899930000.000000000.00000000925-771-4493Forum(760) 664-4313


LogoTickerFull NameIssuerToken IDTotal SupplyWebsiteForum


LogoTickerNameWebsiteBusiness TypeMonthly Income1st Dividend (BTC)IssuerTotal SharesReportsBusiness Details

Coin Info

Token Info

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Initial Coin Offer (ICO)

LogoTickerNameAlgoTypeTotal SupplyAmountPrice (BTC)Start DateEnd date

Initial Token Offer (ITO)

LogoTickerNameIssuerRe-IssuableTotal SupplyAmountPrice (BTC)Start DateEnd date

Initial Share Offer (ISO)

LogoTickerNameIssuerMonthly DividendTotal SharesISOPrice (BTC)Start DateEnd date

Coin Offers

Token Offers

Share Offers

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Create coin, token or issue shares to raise funds for your online business.

Please send request to or fill form below and submit for further inquiry about creation of coin, token or issuance of shares.

(515) 961-1072

Create Coin

Create Token

(717) 933-0554

Issue Shares

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Coin Listing Fees

PremiumCoin details and source code will be reviewed/examined by our team before integration.7-10 working days.2BTC
BasicCoin details and source code will be reviewed/examined by our team before integration. 10-20 working days.0.2BTC or 100BMXT
VotingListing by voting. Coin details and source code will be reviewed by our experts before added for voting. 100 votes to win, 1 vote for 1 BMXT.7-10 days after winning date.0.01BTC or 10BMXT

Token Listing Fees

Bitmxittz based TokenWill be listed within 24 hours after creation24 hoursFree
WAVES based TokensCurrently not supportedNot ApplicableNot Applicable
EC20 TokensCurrently not supportedNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Share Listing Fees

Issued With UsWill be listed within 24 hours after creation24 HoursFree
Issued OutsideCurrently not supportedNot ApplicableNot Applicable


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Withdrawal Fees

LogoTickerCoin NameFees

Deposit Fees

LogoTickerCoin NameFees

Listing Fees

Assets TypeListing TypeListing TimeFees
CoinPremium7-10 days2BTC
CoinBasic10-20 days0.2BTC
CoinVoting100 votes, 1BMXT for 1 vote0.01BTC
CoinCreated With Us2-3 daysFree
TokenCreated With Us2-3 daysFree
SharesCreated With Us2-3 daysFree

Coin Creation Fees

SHA256/SCRYPTPOS/POW/HYBRID0%-15%Source Code, 6 months node hosting, 6 months block explorer hosting1BTC
SHA256/SCRYPTPOS/POW/HYBRID16%-30%Source Code, 6 months node hosting, 6 months block explorer hosting1.5BTC
SHA256/SCRYPTPOS/POW/HYBRID30%-50%Source Code, 6 months node hosting, 6 months block explorer hosting2BTC
SHA256/SCRYPTPOS/POW/HYBRID>50%Source Code, 6 months node hosting, 6 months block explorer hosting3BTC

Token Creation Fees

Token TypeMin. Total SupplyMax. Total SupplyIncludedFees
Virtual Token10000001000000000Free Listing0.000001BMXT per token

Share Issuing Fees

Share TypeMinimum EquityMaximum EquityIncludedReserve for DividendIssuance Fees
Dividend BasedEqual to $1000 in BTCEqual to $100000 in BTCFree Listing10%10%


What is Bitmxittz?

Bitmxittz is now a tokenized crypto currency exchange. Realtime trade platform which allows users to trade crypto currencies, tokens and online shares in realtime at market price or place order to buy/sell crypto coins at desired price.

Original concept of project to introduce a unique trade and track platform to Bitcoin market experts where traders can trade and track Bitcoin. This concept has been dropped due to lot of Bitcoin Hardforks and collapse of our servers.

Original project concept Bitcoin Market Xper's Interactive Trade & Track Zonoid is replaced by a small portal on this website as BTC Zoinoid to track Bitcoin price, news predictions etc.


In Digital Currency Exchanged


Customers Served


Countries Supported

Why Trade with us

Faster Settlements

Faster statements on your trades, oreders, deposits, withdrawls and each transaction.


Multi layers of securities and trusted people behind this project make this platform most reliable.

High Performance

High speed advanced servers and powerful trade engine for high performance trade platform.

Get Started Guide

Creating or Trading Cryptocoins, Tokens and Online Shares Now is Easier Than Ever

Buy and Sell cryptocoins, tokens, online shares with Bitmxittz.


Simple Steps to Get Started

Morbi egestas dictum sid volutpat est pharete hendrerit quis tortoret urabitur quis sceleest pharetu.

Sign up

Signing up is very simple in 3 steps. Goto "Sign Up" page. Create username, enter valid email id, enter password, repeat password and press "Create Account". Now validate your email id by clicking on link sent via email to your registered email id. No personal data required.


Login to your account using your login credentials. Goto "Wallets" page. Click on "Deposit" button of specific coin, copy deposit address and deposit coins to copied address from anywhere.

Start Trading

As soon as your deposit is confirmed and balance showing up in your account you can goto "Market" page select trading pair and place orders or buy/sell at market price.

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell crypto currencies, tokens and online shares.

Nam non convallis mielaoreet enimuspendis facibuse magna eliltricies ligula dignissllus rutrumi egestas gravida.

Sign up
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Highly secured hot wallets with 25% funds for instant withdraws, cold wallets with 75% of funds for the safety.

Instant Exchange

Realtime trade platform to exchange your coins, tokens or shares at market price in realtime.


Transfer your coins, tokens or shares to another existing users instantly without paying any fees.

Build Coin

Build your own sha256/scrypt coin with source code and get it listed to our coin markets.

Create Token

Create your own token for your project and get it listed to our token markets.

Issue Shares

Issue shares for your existing web business and get it listed to our share markets.

Safe & Secure

Our servers, dataceneters with extra layers of security for the safety of personal/private data and funds.

Experts Support

Highly qualified experienced support experts to reply in realtime and solve your issues faster than ever.

Mobile Apps

Powerful mobile app to trade or manage your crypto currency from your smartphone as easier as desktop.

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Windows QT Wallet

Download Bitmxittz windows qt wallet version for Win 32-64 bits.

Linux QT Wallet

Download Bitmxittz linux qt wallet version for linux 32-64 bits.

Android Wallet

Download Bitmxittz android wallet from here or from 2047678764

Bitmxittz Game

Download Bitmxittz game app for android phone here or from 587-439-8203.

Bitmxittz App

Bitmxittz android app to access or manage your account, download here or from Play Store.

Bitmxittz Trader

Bitmxittz Trader to trade assets directly from your android phone, download here or from Play Store


Our servers, dataceneters with extra layers of security for the safety of personal/private data and funds.


Highly qualified experienced support experts to reply in realtime and solve your issues faster than ever.

Exchange App

Powerful mobile app to trade or manage your crypto currency from your smartphone as easier as from desktop.


API documentations.



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01 Oct 2018

Welcome to Bitmxittz.


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Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.



Q. What is CryptoCurrency/CryptoCoins?

A. Cryptocurrency (cryptocoin) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currencies, alternative currencies and virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems. The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through a blockchain, which is a public transaction database, functioning as a distributed ledger. CryptoCurrency/CryptoCoins aren't printed like dollars or euros. But there are the options to store cryptocurrency to your offline devices such as hardware wallet, pendrive, computer, laptops, mobile etc. You can also print public and private keys of your wallet on a paper then remove keys from network and store your coins as paper wallet.

Q. What is Bitcoin?

A. Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. They're produced by people via network running by computers all around the world using software that solves mathematical problems.

Q. What is Altcoin?

A. The word “Altcoin” is an abbreviation of “Bitcoin Alternative,” and thus describes every single cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin. Altcoins are referred to as Bitcoin alternatives because, at least to some extent, most altcoins hope to either replace or improve upon at least one Bitcoin component.

Q. How to open trading account?

A. Opening up trading account at this exchange is simple. Just enter your full name, address, contact no., username, existing email id, craete password and submit, you will recieved confirmation email with activation link from us just activate your account. And it's done.

Q. Documents required for opening an account?

A. No ducuments are required for basic account, though basic account has some deposit/withdrawal limits, please see TnC for details. A copy of ID proof, a copy of address proof and phone verification needed for fully verified account. Verified account has no deposit/withdrawal limits.

Q. How to deposit/recieve Bitcoin/Altcoin?

A. Goto wallet page, click on '+', copy address, goto your wallet from where you want to send coins and use address you copied. Note: Bitcoin/Altcoin transactions are not revertable. Refer to follwing FAQ for safety of your funds.

Q. How to withdraw/send Bitcoin/Altcoin?

A. Goto wallet page, click on '-' or 'withdraw', enter address, enter amount press 'submit' button, goto your registered email inbox and confirm your withdrawal.

Note: Bitcoin/Altcoin transactions are not revertable. Refer to follwing FAQ for safety of your funds.

Q. Can i get my coins back if sent to wrong address or wrong chain?

A.No, Bitcoin/Altcoin transactions are not revertable. If you entered wrong address or sent coins to wrong chain, you will not get your coins back. Remember, always double check chain details and wallet address before withdrawal or deposit any coins.

Q. How to trade on market?

A. Goto market page, click on coin name you want to trade, fill buy/sell form and submit. Your open trade order will show up on "orders" page and completed orders will show up on "History" page. You can also view your open/completed orders on specific market page by scrolling down page.

Q. How to make profit in trading?

A. Deposit Bitcoin/Altcoin to your wallet at this exchange and start buying/seling Bitcoin/Altcoin in markets at market price or your desired price for profit.

Q. What are risks in trading of Bitcoin/Altcoin?

A. Bitcoin/Altcoin trading are subject to market risk.

Q. What is minimum amount for start trading?

A. Minimum trading amount is 0.00010000BTC.

Q. Is my personal or trading details are secure?

A. Your personal info and trading info is 100% secure with us. We do not share user data with any other person or firm.

Q. Is Bitcoin/Altcoin trading legal?

A. Most countries in the world allow Bitcoin/Altcoin trading. Certain countries/territory/juridictions do not allow online/offline trading of Bitcoin/Altcoin. Please find out about Bitcoin/Altcoin trading laws for your juridictions before you start buying or trading.

Q. Is my wallets and balances secure here?

A. All data like user data, wallet addresses, balances are protected by highly secured encrypted system. We store 75% of total coins offline and 25% online for hot wallets.

Q. How to add my coin to this exchange?

A. If you are a developer and want to add/list your coin to our exchange, goto addcoin page and send addcoin request via form or contact admin with full coin details like Coin Name, Source Code, Forum Links, Social Links, Total Supply, Premined Amount, Type, Algorithm, Interest Rate on PoS etc. Admin will review your coin details and contact you via email if we interested in listing of your coin to this exchamge.


User Agreement

Users agree to our agreement by default upon regsitration.

Cryptocoins, tokens are digital assets issued by developers without instrinct value, coin developer, us or any third-party do not guarantee it's value nor liable to refund in case currency fails and valued to zero. You should know the risk before purachasing any cryptocoins, tokens or online shares.

Users store cryptocoins, tokens on our web wallets are completely at own risk, we have highly secure servers to keep coins, tokens and shares safe, we only keep 25% coins, tokens on hot wallets for instant withdraw, 75% kept in cold stroage for safety, we also reserve some insurance funds to refund users in case of lost of fund by hacking, data lost etc. In case funds lost by hacking or lost data, we will only refund 75% of balance plus from insurance funds, we do not guarantee 100% refund in case of lost of funds due to hack, data lost or any other reason. We reserve rights to decide refund process period and whether to refund fully at once or partly payment by weekly, monthly or depends on the situations.

Online shares are issued by third party and we contribute funds on behalf of them from our web platform for them with minimal fee. We collect all required informations about issuer and his/her business as much as we can and publish on our webplatform, We also keep some shares and funds for dividend distribution and for the security to refund buyer in case asset fails and if in case issuer not respond. Kindly read info on our website and also investigate information outside about share issuer before investing in online shares, We do not guarantee any refunds more than funds we holding as security and insurance funds to buyers in case share is failed and or if dividend not paid by issuer for more than 65 months.

All traded are done automatically by our trade engine and recoeded to our servers, one can see all trades from our server using our public api.

By registering with us you also agree to use our platform for your need as per fair use policy. Physing, spamming, using vulgar language in chat-box/supprt or user found in any suspecious or unlawfull activities will be banned forever in such case account will be locked permanently and no balances will be refunded.

User registered with us also agrees to be aged over 18 years and cryptocoins, token, online shares buying/trading is allowed in juridiction territory he/she residing in.

As crypto currencies, tokens and online shares have no instrinct value, so users can not use his/her assets holding with us in any private law agreement such as guarantee for loan to a bank or lender or to any other firm or individual agreement or in any contact. Anyways crypto currencies, tokens and online shares have economical value so one can use it as payment method to others using our platform.

Users requested to read our terms and agreement time to time and if any changes is not suitable to user or not accepted by user may close his/her account and withraw all funds or self trash it.

© Bitmxittz-2018-19, We reserve rights to change in User Agreement or terms anytime we want to.

Terms of Use

Rules, Terms & Conditions


01. User registration on this website is free.

02. One user per email is allowed, multiple user accounts on single email id is not allowed.

03. User caught spamming, hacking, cheating will be banned immidiately and balance will not be refunded.

04. User provided false information will lead us to ban his/her user_id/email_id/ip_address/device_id etc.

05. You may create and oparate acoount anonymous, But there will be some restrictions and limitations.


01. User involved in unlawfull/suspicious activities will be banned and account will be blocked for lifetime without refund of balances.

02. Please be aware of Altcoin, Bitcoin trading laws of your juridiction, before start trading.

03. Altcoin, Bitcoin trading profit/loss is subject to market risk.

04. Please see coin info before trade, we will not be responsible for any loss in trades.

05. 0.20% trade fees will be levied on each trade, min. trade fee 0.00000020BTC in BTC markets, min. trade fee 0.00002BMXT in BMXT markets.

06. Trading of Bitcoin or Altcoins are subject to market risks.


01. Check coin details and address carefully before deposit/withdrawal, Transaction can not be cancelled once submitted.

02. Coin deposit/withdrawals are instant from our end, transaction may delay due to blockchain confirmations.

03. No transactions will be done during wallet under mantainance.

04. We will not be responsible for deposit/withdrawal lost due to wrong address entered by user or transaction done while wallet under mantainance.

Support Ticket

01. Wait at least 24 hours for support ticket to be replied.

02. Multiple support tickets on single topic will be removed.

03. Using vulgar language in support ticket will lead us to ban user from 30 days to lifetime without refund of balances.


01. User spamming in chat-box will be banned for 48 hours. Wait for at least 20 seconds to send next message.

02. User posting bad words, sexuality, adultary in chat-box will be banned for a week to a month or lifetime.

03. User advertising, promoting, or posting url's in chat-box will be banned for 48 hours to 1 month.

04. Do not post your issue in chat-box rather raise support ticket, users posting issue in chat-box repeatedly will be banned for chat from 1 week to 6 months.

Website and Features

BITMXITTZ.COM will always attempt to keep its users informed of any changes to the website. However, BITMXITTZ.COM may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this website, including the availability of features of the site, at any time. BITMXITTZ.COM may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to part or the entire website without prior notice or liability.

Proprietary Rights

All contents of the BITMXITTZ.COM website, including, but not limited to, text, names, data, logos, buttons, icons, code, methods, techniques, models, graphics and the underlying software are proprietary of BITMXITTZ.COM and are protected by the patent, copyright, trademark. Nothing contained in this website shall be used in any form unless expressly stated by BITMXITTZ.COM.

Identity verification

Required in case you choose to load your account by wire transfer. To comply with AML/CTF recommendations, we require our clients to verify identity by providing scanned copy of ID and scanned copy of utility bill or a bank statement which should not be older then 6 month. Copy should be in good resolution and colored.


Laws in the country where the user resides may not allow the usage of an online tool with the characteristics of KryptoKoins or any of its features. KryptoKoins does not encourage the violation of any laws and cannot be held responsible for violation of such laws. For all legal purposes, these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws applicable in the Cyprus. You agree and hereby submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the Cyprus for the resolution of any disputes arising from these Terms of Use.


There are some things you need to understand before getting started with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocoin transactions are irreversible. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and prone to bubbles and rapid price swings. Buying or Selling in these crypto currencies may be considered a high risk activity. Proper and sound judgment should be used in evaluating the risks associated with these activities. The market price changes over time so your coins may be worthless in the future. In fact, they may even become completely worthless. Bitcoin and other coins is not backed by any entity. BITMXITTZ.COM does not solicit nor make any representation that Bitcoin and crypto currencies are an investment vehicle. Neither BITMXITTZ.COM nor anyone else has an obligation to buyback your coins in the future. The decision to trade or invest in crypto currencies rests entirely on the users own independent judgment. Never spend more money on coins than you can afford to lose.

© Bitmxittz 2018-19, We reserve rights to change in rules or T&C any time without notification.


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