Encore Reality

Encore Reality

Encore Reality is a Virtual Reality (VR) concert streaming platform. Our main goal is to allow music enthusiasts to experience concerts by their favorite artists anytime and anywhere. Our users will have access to free previews provided by artists, live concerts, and concert replays.

The benefits of the Encore Reality Platform include:

  • Holistic with music, live streaming, and virtual reality offered in same platform
  • Experience-sharing platform, where concert-goers can stream their experiences to social media

Our recommendation engine uses advanced machine learning to predict what users are likely to listen to, then serves recommendations for new artists based on the songs and artists they've listened to.

def recommender_engine(artists, songs):
    Serve user the best recommendations based on previous song history.
   return [
       for recommendation
       in recommendations(artists, songs)

More details to follow...

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