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Dr. David Hoffman

David Hoffman, DMD, MS

A beautiful smile can make a huge impact on a person’s quality of life, and I am so lucky to be able to help make them every day. I truly care about my patients and it is very important to me that each patient feels comfortable and enjoys their orthodontic experience.

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Welcome to Arizona Orthodontic Studio

(Formerly Avalon Orthodontics)


Are you ready to have a smile you’ll be thrilled to show off? At Arizona Orthodontic Studio, that’s what we create.

Braces can help you have beautiful, straight teeth so that you can feel comfortable and confident sharing your smile with everyone you meet. Your treatment plan is designed around you and your unique goals and needs. You and Dr Hoffman will work together to make sure that you feel enthusiastic about your treatment and the results you’re going to achieve.

We believe that information and knowledge are important when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment (or any kind of treatment, really), and we take the time to make sure that both you and your family are kept fully informed throughout the entire treatment process.

Meet Our Friendly Team!

Here at Arizona Orthodontic Studio, we’ve put together a fantastic team professionals, and every one of us is committed to providing you with a positive experience.

Dr. David Hoffman, along with the rest of our team, have a great deal of experience working with patients of all ages and all levels of treatment, creating healthy and beautiful smiles. You can feel confident that you are getting high-quality care using the latest orthodontic technology and techniques.

Our Treatments

Every mouth is different, and every patient’s treatment plan will be unique. We offer comprehensive treatment options to address nearly every scenario.

In addition to traditional braces, which are highly effective and can treat a remarkable range of orthodontic issues, we also offer:

Why Orthodontics?

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile filled with straight, attractive teeth, but few people are lucky enough to be born with perfectly aligned teeth.

What you may not realize is that straightening your teeth also helps to improve your health. When your teeth are not aligned properly and are crowded in too tightly or are twisted or overlapping, it’s challenging to clean them well, and the result can be decay or gum disease.

Dr. Hoffman also treats (malocclusions) like overbite, underbite, and cross bite.

These issues can later cause tooth erosion, jaw pain, and even disorders with your jaw joints.

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Call our Phoenix office at (602) 242-3289. If you live in Scottsdale call (480) 451-3088. We’ll help you begin your journey toward a more beautiful smile!