Sports Betting In Alabama

With Alabama having pretty strict gambling laws and prohibiting most forms of placing bets, sports betting in Alabama can only be enjoyed by using offshore online sportsbooks. Though that may seem like a hindrance on the surface of things, you actually are provided much more opportunity to win big while betting on sports in Alabama. This page will help you to understand why online sports betting can be so beneficial and hopefully ease any qualms or concerns of those who are a little apprehensive about gambling on the internet. The online sports betting industry is as popular as it’s ever been and it’s not even near its peak, so check out this page and figure out which site you prefer when betting on your favorite sports teams and athletes.

Does Alabama Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

In 1992, the Bradley Act (or PASPA) prohibited land-based sports betting facilities throughout the U.S. A few states avoided this act, though Alabama is not one of them. It is important to note that the PASPA does allow for thoroughbred and greyhound racing and pari-mutuel games. That said, it is unlikely that Alabama will ever have a land-based sports betting facility.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Alabama?

Alabama residents are perfectly within their rights to use online sportsbooks that accept Alabama residents and even casinos. Why? Because the state does not have any laws in place that say otherwise.

This is why Alabama, along with 47 other states, is considered “unregulated” when it comes to online sports betting and casino gambling. Players are free to sign up to any number of betting websites, make deposits, and bet all they want without legal risk. There is one exception, however, and that is if you are the owner or operate online gambling websites. You most likely do not, though, so all you need to know for sports betting in Alabama is that it is perfectly legal for you to bet online.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Alabama Residents?

Because it is unregulated, just about every major sports gambling website will accept Alabama players. That said, it is still important for you to find a website that has a safe reputation, is reliable, and allows you to bet on a wide range of sports matches.

There are only a handful of sports betting sites that meet these qualifications, some of which have easy-to-use betting platforms, 24/7 customer service, and other features that benefit the player. We encourage you to research some of the more popular sports betting sites to find one that fits your needs and accepts several forms of payment for making deposits and withdrawals.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Alabama

  • The Tide are among the most popular teams bet on every year
  • Alabama has some of the best online sportsbooks in the world
  • You are not breaking any laws by betting on sports in Alabama
  • When you make your first deposit you will receive a large bonus to use on sports betting in Alabama

Bovada Sportsbook - The Number One Place To Bet Sports In Alabama

If there was just one thing Alabama residents had to be proud of it would definitely be their beloved college sports teams. Whether you support the Alabama Crimson Tide, or the Auburn Tigers, there is no better place to show team spirit than using Bovada for online sports betting.

More and more people are making money off betting on sports these days. When living in a state with two of the more dominant teams in the SEC, why wouldn't someone? Even if they have never been interested in sports betting, it's hard to deny that it is quickly rising in popularity. And why not? When sites like Bovada are offering deposit bonuses that offer half of a new user's first deposit back (50% match to $250), how could they not be tempted to make some money while watching their team work their way to the championship. Even first time users can feel at home with Bovada's extensive help section. Don't wait any longer, take advantage of this prime time to bet.

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Bet Sports No Matter Where You Live In Alabama

(561) 494-4678Alabama residents are tough! In a land that faces both scorching summers and freezing winters, the people of Alabama show that they just can't be kept down...they can't be beat. So of course when looking for place to wager sports online, wouldn't the best want to use the best Alabama online sportsbooks? If this makes sense to you then look no further than SportsBetting.ag to provide everything you could want to wager plus more you probably never knew existed.

SportsBetting has been a top provider of online betting services since first appearing on the scene, and if you give them a shot it won't be any surprise that this web-based bookmaker continues to thrive today. Alabamans curious about sports betting or those simply is looking for a better place to bet online needs to check out SportsBetting. Looking at their site is free, and there is never any commitment until actually placing a wager!

507-491-1032 - Industry Leading Deposit Bonuses

9256439111Alabama is a state that knows how to thrive, and it is probably because Alabama residents know how to take advantage of their best skills. One of these skills is sports knowledge, and they now have a place to test their mettle at BetOnline. This online sportsbook is the best of the best when it comes to sports betting sites for Alabama players, and while they are present in every state, BetOnline claims Alabama bettors tend to be some of the biggest winners on their site.

Anyone looking to register for a new accounts needs only to be 18 years or older and provide a few simple details en route to signing up for a free account. Users should not be left in the cold when making deposits into their accounts, BetOnline offers numerous ways including cash transfers, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and many others. The opposite end, getting paid, is just as friendly thanks to same-day payouts + withdrawal methods that have little to no fees.

5Dimes Sportsbook - Preferred By Professional Bettors + Early College Football Odds

2698616854If you’re an Alabama resident looking for a good place to bet in sports, look no further than 5dimes. After almost 20 years in the legal sports betting business, no sportsbook has grown a more dedicated or loyal following. The safest bet you can make is on 5dimes itself, as there is no easy way to grow a great reputation over 20 years. They had to do it by providing an excellent product and outstanding service consistently.

In order to prove their mettle to new players, this sports betting site offer one of the most generous sign-up bonuses around. When a new member starts up at 5dimes and deposits money into their account, 5dimes will match 50% of that deposit in free bonus money. This gives bettors a chance to explore the nooks and crannies of the sportsbook without needing to risk their own money off the bat, and will most likely allow new bettors to fall in love with the treatment they receive as a 5dimes customer. For Alabama residents who love to wager on sports, happy days are here indeed.

What Do Alabama Residents Like To Bet On?

Fans of professional sports all around the country may be confused as to why Alabama residents are such devoted fans and are so crazy about legal sports betting. A surface glance would seem to indicate that there are no professional teams in Alabama to really generate any excitement over. In fact, Alabama has no professional sports teams to speak of. However, anyone who would assume this could dull the passion sports fans in Alabama have for betting are not acknowledging the rabid devotion many residents of the state have for college sports, and football in particular.

There is a dividing line in Alabama that separates two types of people. Fans of the Crimson Tide from the University of Alabama, and fans of the Auburn Tigers. The rivalry between these two teams has no doubt sparked a fair amount of controversy and wagers all throughout the state of Alabama, and their fortunes seem to reverse each other and become more exciting with every passing season. Residents of Alabama surely get caught up in all the intrigue, not only showing support of their teams through all the screaming they do from the bleachers, but from the money they want to put down to help make these major events even more thrilling.

It’s a good thing betting on sports is safe and very easy when done with (315) 210-1731, because it can really give Alabama residents a much needed outlet to support the college team of their choice.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Alabama?

The legal gambling age in Alabama is 21 years old and that includes betting on sports. Now, you will notice that the online sportsbooks we have suggested require their players to be just 1 8 but even with that being the case you should stick with the Alabama state gambling age laws before creating an account. Gambling while underage at these sites can result in a forfeiture of funds deposited into said account and in some extreme cases it could cause you to be banned from using the site you illegally created an account with.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Alabama?

While they do not have any professional sports teams in the state, Alabama is home to arguably the best college football program in the history of college football in the Alabama Crimson Tide. They are second to Notre Dame when discussing college football championships among Power 5 Conference teams with a whopping 20, and are one of the most bet on teams in college athletics. Alabama is also home to the Auburn Tigers, who have a solid football program as well but haven’t nearly had the amount of success that the Crimson Tide has had. Keep in mind for sports betting in Alabama that these online sportsbooks have betting odds on sports teams and players all over the U.S. so you aren’t limited to just Alabama teams.


High Roller Sports Betting Sites

Alabama residents that are interested in high roller sports betting sites should absolutely check out sites like BetOnline, Bovada, and Sportsbetting.ag. All three of these sites have everything you could ever want as a high roller betting on sports. They all offer high banking limits while still requiring low fees as to not discriminate against the bigger spenders. They allow their players to request higher payouts than most and are all fairly fast at getting your money to you. Some sites even offer VIP programs for high rollers that cater to any needs you may have while spending big at their sportsbook. You can’t go wrong with any of these so just decide what your favorite site is and get started today.

Can I Sign Up For More Than One Sportsbook?

Alabama residents can sign up for more than one sportsbook if they want to. The biggest benefit from signing up for two sportsbooks at once is that you get two different betting limits, so high rollers can enjoy two different payouts and win more money at once. Signing up for one does not eliminate your option to sign up for another so you are free to do so if you so choose.

Other Types Of Gambling Available In Alabama

Other than going online to bet on sports, Alabama residents can choose a handful of Native American owned and operated casinos in their state. These tribal casinos exist due to land sovereignty but, unfortunately, they do not have table games. Instead, Wind Creek Casino, Creek Casino Wetumpka, and Creek Casino Montgomery only have electronic gaming options like slots and video poker.

It is unlikely that Alabama will have any more casinos added on in the future, not to mention pick sides on the online sports betting question. For now, though, feel free to log in to one of your favorite sports sites and bet away.

Does Alabama Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Alabama is home to one of the oldest horse racing tracks in the country, the Birmingham Race Course. Unfortunately, it currently only offers simulcast (off-track) betting options though live racing will likely pick back up due to consumer demand for sports betting In Alabama.