Finding lasting solutions in an evolving world of healthcare.

The healthcare marketplace is dynamic, scrutinized and always advancing. Whether you’re a healthcare payer or provider, AArete is a services firm focused on harvesting our data-centric industry knowledge to help your organization run smarter and smoother for improved performance.

We provide the market intelligence, experience and added horsepower to help your project teams achieve greater results, faster.
Driven by data. Delivering results.

Data-rich solutions for every aspect of your organization.

Non-Labor Cost Reduction

Our professionals address every aspect of your non-labor cost structure, from administrative costs through ancillary and core medical services. Through our Knowledge Management Center™, we have reviewed hundreds of cost elements for healthcare organizations and can leverage best practices and strategies that are right for your organization.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse Solutions

Our extensive experience with fraud detection and claims editing (waste/abuse) solutions facilitates compliance and minimizes losses in healthcare claims. We help you implement customized solutions that focus on payer payment policies, state regulations, provider contracts and other unique business issues.

Performance Improvement

We help define and analyze critical metrics to help you build on what works and fill in what’s missing. The AArete Guarantee backs the work of our professionals: We stand behind our performance.

Operational Opportunities

Our team will review key processes and/or functions and help evaluate where greater efficiencies can be achieved. We’ll work hand in hand with your team to identify and act on opportunities to improve performance.

What our clients say about us.

AArete has the experience and expertise you need from working with a wide breadth of healthcare clients who have good things to say about our unique approach and positive results. Here are just a few of them:

  • “It was refreshing to work with AArete. It was the first time our expectations were not only met but exceeded. AArete said they would be different, and they were. We were charged less, and AArete delivered more. AArete is in a class of its own, and we look forward to working with them again.”

    — CFO, Managed Care Organization

  • “AArete is relentless in driving results. They are willing to work hard to provide quick results that are delivered in an understandable way. They generate good insight that we might not have seen—rare for a consultant to tell you something about your business that you didn’t know.”

    — Healthplan Client

  • Put our experienced healthcare team together with yours.

    What keeps you up at night?

    How can I reduce expenses and retain staff?

    AArete's market intelligence and experience enable an accelerated review of your costs across more than 100 different expense areas and initiative types. With our proprietary industry knowledge and data analytics capabilities, we find opportunities for significant savings without reducing headcount.

    We need to do more, but how can we take on another initiative without losing focus on other efforts?

    Saving money, doing it quickly and achieving results without disruption to the organization are three of the most common directives we’re given by clients who aspire to do more. That's why we leverage our deep data analytics, stakeholder feedback and market intelligence to uncover facts and propose solutions that will accelerate results while you maintain your momentum.

    How do I save money but ensure we have the resources to further our mission?

    Our team works alongside yours to meet and exceed your strategic goals and objectives, improve operations, achieve sustainable competitive advantages and improve the financial condition of your enterprises—always with the intent of furthering your mission.

    How can I compete in the competitive healthcare market?

    We know the healthcare marketplace continues to evolve and escalate with new relationships, constant consolidation and innovative services. Count on AArete's current market intelligence and proprietary Knowledge Management Center™ to help provide immediate, sustainable results—positioning you for continued success.

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    Medical Expense Initiatives: Organizational Challenges and Actionable Analytics

    November 6, 2015 | 12:00 noon CST

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