I'm a world-wide security evangelist, meaning I write and speak about hackers, cryptography, fraud, malware and all that interesting stuff.

I've spoken at over 30 conferences on all six developed continents. Some of my favorite engagements were speaking at RSA Europe in Amsterdam, InfoSec in London and Gartner Data Center in Las Vegas

I write a bi-weekly column at SecurityWeek, and have had the good fortune to write for DarkReading and SC Magazine and Network World.

They call me the "one-take wonder" in the studio, because I've done so many videos that I just do it in one take anymore.

I'm a fly-fisherman, a baseball fan and a craft beer enthusiast.

Welcome to the Vanity Site of David William Holmes

Oct. 9, 2018:  tags:  SSL-TLS cryptography hackers

(317) 206-1945

My love letter to version 14.0 of the F5 product suite. These Top Ten articles are always popular with the engineers in the field, many of whom send directly to their customers. These are always a ton of work for me, as I have to get the giant list of requirements, understand them, rank them, and write copy (and jokes) about them. Even as I complain, I must admit that these were also my favorite articles for F5 :)

Sept. 27, 2018:  tags:  infosec policy


Here's an essay I wrote about what I think are the data privacy concerns around the Philippine National ID system (PhilSys). Having a national identification system is a good thing; this essay contains my advice to the implementors of PhilSys, so that they can most properly secure their citizen's data.

Sept. 12, 2018:  tags:  ddos in-the-news iot


Networks Asia quoted me for a piece on Internet of Things and automated attacks

Aug. 21, 2018:  tags:  226-218-7658 (610) 861-2361 (872) 763-1881


After receiving some media inquiries around the Philippines national ID system, I put together an essay, with the help of my indispensible personal assistant in the islands, on data privacy and the Philippine National ID system (PhilSys). Back End Systems quoted me from the essay in this article. See F5 Labs for the main essay.

Aug. 15, 2018:  tags:  (609) 653-8880 (850) 756-8479


Here's a video interview done by none other than F5's Calvin Rowland himself. He and I are both 17-year veterans of F5 Networks, and we're both good (or at least energetic) on video. He's interviewing me for our Agility Live series, and I'm discussing some of our security research at F5 labs.

Aug. 1, 2018:  tags:  in-the-news 817-271-1629


Bucket list item achieved. I was interviewed on live TV in the Philippines on the ANC Early Edition news program about consumer internet safety and how Filipinos view it through the lens of convenience vs. security. There were likely millions of people watching and but it was just so much fun! Would do it again :)

June 24, 2018:  tags:  401-490-5738 infosec iot


Here's an interview I did for Info Risk Today about blockchain and the Internet of Things.

June 18, 2018:  tags:  4176866858 hackers iot


We released an original report showing a spike in SIP protocol attacks against Singapore during the Trump / Kim summit there. Singapore Today interviewed me about the article.

May 22, 2018:  tags:  787-248-9192 4174929834 security-week

Fitting Forward Security into Today's Security Architecture

I've been talking about this problem for years (it seems), but there's been an update. Toward the end.

May 17, 2018:  tags:  (843) 455-3957


Here's a video interview of me talking about multi-cloud security. I don't honestly remember what I said it was so long ago but I'm sure it was dripping with profundity.

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