Thoughts of Autumn Week 3 Poll

So, Ireland beat the All Blacks for only the second time in nearly 14 billion years and the first time at home. Who’d have thought it? Us, that’s who—AoD’s very own Chimpie predicted this very outcome in our preview. So there. But who would make up your team of the week?



On to Week 3 of the 2018 Autumn Internationals and the much anticipated Bad Guys on Very Bad Guys action. Here’s what Chimpie thinks will happen.

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Thoughts of Autumn Week 2 Poll

So, two weeks into the Autumn Internationals and a dank and dreary November afternoon it was too, yet for a while it seemed as though The Darkness was about to fall to let the light shine forth again upon a grateful and really quite surprised world. Then normal service was resumed. What did you think about it all? Here’s our Thoughts of Autumn Week 2 Poll so you can tell the rest of the world.

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After last week’s hors d’oeuvres, it’s time to tuck into the second course of this year’s Autumn Internationals. Craigsman will take you through the menu with his appetite arousing Thoughts of Autumn Preview Week 2.


Thoughts of Autumn Week 1 Poll

The first round of this year’s pre-Christmas festivites is out of the way. What are your Thoughts of Autumn Week 1?

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Autumn Thoughts


It’s the first round of the Autumn Internationals this weekend, so of course everybody not involved in those games gets a week off in the interests of player respite, except for the Pro 14, Top 14 and Premiership sides of course. A mere fourteen games for you to watch this weekend. So, what do you think?

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The Autumn Internationals start this weekend. We knew you’d be pleased, and who better to heighten your pleasure than Dr Killhouse and his Autumn Internationals Preview Week 1? No-one, that’s who.




Now that the Big Cup pools are a third full, it’s time to turn our attention once more to other competitions. The French, Irish, Italians, Scots, South Africans and Welsh are reverting back to their Safe Spaces in the Top and Pro 14s, but the English? The English have the New! Exciting! Anglo-Not Welsh Cup!

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The first block of this season’s Big Cup is out of the way and there have been a few surprises. Where do the teams stand?

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So, a red-hot week of Big Cup rugby last week, with Leinster on fire and Bath suffering from accidental Burns. Here’s where you can watch this weekend’s action in Not the Not the Heinie Round 2

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