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Math Classes for KG – 8th Grade Featuring:

Proven Results

Math Plus students from all ability levels GAIN ONE YEAR of math learning in just six months!
(Based on independent testing)

Does Your Child Enjoy LEGOs™, video games, puzzles, or chess?

Turn their enjoyment into real-life skills with our Brain Building programs!

Programming Lab

Learn to Code using SCRATCH and Java. Experience the joy and power of creating your own animations and video games.
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Robotics & Engineering

Design, build, and program with LEGO™ and create machines that do amazing things. Learn to think like an engineer!
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Math Team

Learn advanced strategies solve challenging math problems. Participate in Math Olympiads and other math competitions.

Chess Club

Advance from beginner to chess star under the tutelage of Columbus’ premiere chess coach, Chuck Diebert.
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Announcing: Escape Rooms for Kids!

Sixty minutes of heart-pounding, brain-busting fun!
Crack codes, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery before time runs out!
For 3rd to 7th grade students.
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Founder – Dr. Raj Shah

Dr. Raj Shah created Math Plus Academy in 2008 because he wanted to inspire more kids to enjoy math. Because of Math Plus’ proven results, Dr. Shah is pursued by school districts throughout the United States to instruct and inspire math teachers.
Locally, Dr. Shah has consulted with teachers in Hilliard, Dublin, Olentangy, South-Western City, Jonathon Alder, Columbus, New Albany, Worthington, and Reynoldsburg Schools.

We are on a mission to help EVERY child LOVE math.

That’s why we are proud co-founders of the Global Math Project. A non-profit dedicated to changing how the entire world perceives mathematics. Global Math Project just achieved the audacious goal to get ONE MILLION students to experience joyful, uplifting mathematics in school during October 2017. Learn more