Agile season

Agile board for github issues
with metrics

One github repository is one kanban board.

Pretty interface without extra settings is easy to use for a big team.

Smart agile metrics reduce confusion and shine a light on the team's progress.

Low cost. Just $4 per month for private repository.

Our board as demo
20-Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required. Free for public repository.

Cumulative flow diagram

It visually points out shortages and bottlenecks and works
in conjunction with WIP limits.

Cumulative flow

The diagram should look smooth(ish) from left to right. Bubbles or gaps in any one color indicate shortages and bottlenecks

Colors are the various workflow states of issues.

Control chart

Shows the cycle time of individual issues — the total time from "backlog" to closed state. The average and rolling average for this data is shown as red and blue lines.

This helps you identify whether data from the current process can be used to determine future performance.

Control chart
and enjoy!

per 1 month for a private


forever for a public