What Our Clients Say

This is one of the few times I have felt comfortable at a doctors office and had my questions answered including questions I hadn’t planned on asking but still have wondered about.

Dr. Jennings is probably the most attentive and genuine physician I have seen.  I am very impressed with the level of care I have received… The office staff is awesome.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Jennings to my family.

Before I found Doctor Jennings the quality and level of care I received was insufficient and mediocre.  I was rushed through appointments, my feelings were ignored by my physician, and basically I was made to feel disconnected from participating in my own care.  Doctor Jennings does NONE of these things.  His concern is genuine, he listens, and he spends as much time that is needed when accessing my medical condition while taking great care to welcome and consider my input.  Doctor Jennings has helped me as a Physician, a confidant, and as a friend.  I’m so very grateful to have him oversee and nurture all my healthcare needs.

– Jonathan Ames, Salt Lake City