ofo in Australia

ofo Bikes

ofo bikes are reliable, flexible and comfortable. The Australian model is specifically designed to suit local riders and terrain.

The ofo app


Download the free ofo app in the App Store or Google Play. Enter your details to sign up and use the map to locate bikes around you.


When you’re at the bike, tap unlock in the app and scan the bike’s QR code to release the lock.

3. GO!

Pop your helmet on and enjoy your ride.


Check the app to find a preferred parking zone to park in. If there isn't one nearby, park next to a bike rack or in an area that allows bike parking. Remember to park the bike upright using the kickstand, and make sure you're not blocking any pedestrians or traffic. Manually close the lock with the helmet secured into the lock, then confirm and pay for your ride in the app to end your trip.

Sharing for the future

ofo is a convenient, affordable and low-carbon way to travel. Each time you ride a share bike, you’re helping Australian cities reduce traffic congestion and vehicle pollution, while building more active and healthy communities at the same time.