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Dan's Guitar Repair is your #1 source for guitar and amplifier repairs, as well as high quality boutique amps, effects, guitars, and accessories in Southern Utah.

Dan's Guitar Repair is locally owned and operated by Dan Worthington. All repairs are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction!

Stop by and see the NEW shop location at:

344 Sunland Dr. #6, St George, UT 84790

Latest News:


Amp Repairs and Amp Mods

Dan is pleased to announce the recent addition of his Senior Amp Technician, Gary Huff! Gary has been in the amp business for 40+ years - repairing, building, and modding all your favorite amps to perfection.

Check out the Repairs page for more info, or (954) 254-5758 Dan for specific info.


New equipment lines!

Dan's Guitar Repair is now an official dealer of these incredible lines of equipment:

(405) 692-9051





Navigate to Guitars, Amps, and spellingdown for more information!


Even More Inventory!

Dan's shop is busting at the seams with new gear!

Check out some of the newest additions below, and head over to the 8197781530 page to see the juicy details!


Dan has done it again!

A new renovation at Dan's Guitar Shop has expanded the store into 3 more rooms. This means even more guitars, amps, and gear will be available for your enjoyment!

Check out the new rooms below:



Dan is pleased to announce his new dealership with Reverend Guitars!! Stop by the shop to see the new guitars that will be coming in!

Reverend Guitars

Great design makes for great sounding gear, not some rare wood or mystical vintage components. However, we do have a deep respect for and extensive knowledge of fine vintage equipment. At Reverend, vintage sensibilities come together with design innovation for tone that satisfies the most discriminating players.




Durham Electronics

DR Strings

Dr. Z Amplification

George L Cables

Robert Keeley Effects

Groove Tubes

Toadworks Effects Pedals

Mercury Magnetics Transformers



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