NephoScale Cloud Hosting:                                      Easy-to-Use, yet Highly Advanced

NephoScale has established itself as a technology leader in the IaaS Cloud Hosting space by creating unique features and technology. NephoScale is one of only two IaaS companies that has created a platform that offers a complete infrastructure programming model. All NephoScale cloud and dedicated servers come with persistent storage, persistent IPs, and access to their own public and private broadcast domains. Try our unique time saving CloudScript technology for creating recipes and templates for quickly and easily iterating infrastructure elements.

Are you looking for:

  • A few Cloud Servers or On-Demand Dedicated Servers for a dev and test environment?
  • Massive amounts of highly redundant Cloud Storage for securely storing large amounts of archival data?
  • A highly complex environment that can support applications developed for web scaling or big data?

We offer these services and much more.

We provide free 24×7 support, and our team of cloud architects will work closely with you free of charge to make sure you have a solution in place that ideally suits your needs. Contact us at (817) 921-4512.

NephoScale Cloud Services

NephoScale Features

  • Single Pane Portal View for all Cloud Services

  • Thin Client VNC Console Access with Reverse SSH Tunneling

  • NephoScale Cloud Orchestration Suite

– CloudScript (batch API processing)

- Configuration Management (recipes, bundled scripts)

- Custom Server Images

- Cloud Resource Tagging and Filtering

- Cloud Storage Explorer

Easier Cloud Services Integration

Many service providers currently offer cloud infrastructure services, but few have been able to overcome the challenges of making it easy for users to create and manage the inter-relationships between the myriad services that can be delivered in the cloud. We have a built a cloud hosting platform that is both easy-to-use and highly scalable. To make managing different cloud services simpler we have created a cloud portal that contains an intuitive single pane view for managing all NephoScale cloud services. Second, to significantly reduce the programming effort typically required to make automated cloud hosting services work seamlessly together we have created a streamlined service integration process that leverages our unique time saving provisioning features.

The proprietary core technology that makes the NephoScale cloud services platform so exceptionally powerful is the NephoScale Orchestration Suite. The foundation of the Orchestration Suite is made up of two primary elements – a programming model and a run time environment.

Likely the most important feature within the Orchestration Suite is a time saving feature called CloudScript, a single uniform interface designed to dynamically batch provision and manipulate elements within your cloud infrastructure. With CloudScript your applications can create multi faceted cloud computing and storage environments with just a single API submission. The CloudScript programmatic interface allows for one-to-many API calls making creation, replication, and restoration of entire computing and networking environments possible with the click of a button.

Superior Cloud Services Scalability and Redundancy

The NephoScale cloud hosting platform is capable of fulfilling a significant claim, which is that it can scale cloud computing, networking, cloud storage, and all related data center services horizontally, vertically, and geographically. In addition to developing a highly scalable cloud hosting services platform, we have developed technology which enables the distribution of the “brains” of the cloud across geographies. This means that in addition to offering massive scalability, the NephoScale cloud hosting platform is built to provide customers with an unprecedented level of cloud management redundancy.

Ease-of-use, massive scalability, high levels of redundancy, and innovative time saving features are the hallmarks of the NephoScale cloud hosting services platform.

Keep your eye on us, we will be aggressively releasing new, unique, and exciting features and services.

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