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When your married to a baseball guy you attend more baseball games than you can count.  Going to a Diamondbacks game has become our families ‘go to’ for date night or a family outing. I’m local sports nut so it doesn’t bother that we go as much as we do and my girls, 7yrs & 9yrs old, have found ways to be engaged and enjoy them too.

You best believe this momma takes full advantage of all the cool deals the Diamondbacks offer during game day and I’m happy to share. They’ve put so much effort into making your ballpark experience enjoyable and also pretty affordable.

Purchasing Tickets
Because the ‘hubby’ is a baseball guy we tend to get tickets here and there from friends, but when we don’t we purchase the D-backs Value Pack tickets.  Tickets are priced at $19-$30 for the Bleacher and/or Infield Reserve seats. Pack includes the game ticket, Subway® sandwich OR regular hot dog and regular Pepsi.  You get in the ballpark and dinner for $19, not a bad deal.
*Free tickets for kids that join the Dbacks Kids club (see below)

Value Item Menu
Sometimes the most expensive part about our ballpark trip is the food.  BUT the Value Item Menu has changed that for us. They have $2 hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn and 12oz soda.  Few other items for under $5 that includes 14oz draft beer…score!

Free Soda
If you’re a Designated Driver you get a free soda.  I’m cool being DD most days so this is perfect.  Get your drink voucher at the kiosks located throughout the the lower level.

Join the D-backs Kids Club
The D-backs Kids Club is a free program that offers rewards to their young fans under 15yrs old.  The offers include prizes and special privileges for attending games.  Our past visit the prize was a Diamondback t-shirt and a trip down to the field to run the bases after a game. Cool, right?! The best part about the program (according to me) is the kids FREE tickets they offer to ALL their Sunday games. The girls just walk up to the ticket counter, hand them their D-backs Kids Club ID (a picture ID with a dbacks lanyard..super cute) and tickets are provided.  More details here.



The Sandlot
My the girls LOOOVE the Sandlot.  So much that we visit the Sandlot EVERY game we attend. Honestly the only reason they’ll go to a game. The deal, with their Dad, is we watch 5 innings of the game at our seats and then head up to the upper level near section 332 (this is also where you get your D-backs Kids Club gift during every game).  They have a playground and batting cages..few things going on up there to keep the kiddos entertained.








If you have kiddos and looking for something to do, I highly recommend taking the family to a game and experience the ballpark. Not a bad day to spend with the family!

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“So..really what was Tony Robbins like?”

I recently had the opportunity to FINALLY attend one of Tony Robbins seminars.  I’ve known of him for many years and know he’s an AMAZING life and business strategist.  I also know that he’s been doing these seminars (among many other things) for years and knew that at some point in my life, I’d have to see this man live.

If you don’t know who he is, look him up!  Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nations #1 Life and Business Strategist.  His work has touched the lives of many including top entertainers.  The entire Kardashian clan..and Yeezy were all there on day one to experience his work live. This guy is the real deal!

Though seeing him LIVE was an item on the bucket list, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.  I’m a bit of a worry wart and find it hard to make big decisions (I get way into my thoughts and run down every possible scenario…I’m working on it).  I’d be leaving my family for 4 full days and making a financial investment to attend.  Not an easy choice.  However, I’m realizing I have to do things for ME sometimes and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. So damn it, i did!

Some of you have reached out to ask how it went…I’ll be honest, I can’t describe the experience in words but I’ll do my best.

Day One..not an easy day.  We took an early morning flight and headed straight to the arena as our day started at 10:30am.  As we walk through registration we were greeted with over the top greeters.  I think I might of high-five about 20 people just to get through registration.  My first thought “wow, what the hell did they have for breakfast”.  It didn’t stop there…as we walked to our seats I see people singing and dancing…not just ordinary sway dancing, it was like ‘get crazy’ dancing.  At that moment I started to doubt my decision (again me in my head).  Was I really going to sit through 4 full days with these over the top people?!? Really not my cup of tea.  However, I made the decision to be here and I wasn’t going to let my inner ‘Debbie Downer’ ruin it for me.  I committed to this…might as well get the most of it.

Day 2, 3, & 4…so lots happened over the next 4 days…lots as in 50+ hours of stuff. Tony Robbins 6’7″ man onstage with energy more than my 7yr old.  This guy was on a level 10 for 13+ hours a day.  On stage fully committed to giving it his all.  I mean this guy didn’t even break for food or to even pee for Gods sake.  This guy is a BEAST.  I was one of 9000 people to witness his greatness and experience an event like no other.  I wish I could put into words exactly what it was, but I can’t.  I can totally see how some may say..”it sounds like a cult”, but there is nothing cult about being a room full of other folks looking to improve themselves.  People committed into being better version of themselves.  Looking to being a better contributing member of this society. We all know we can use more peeps like these days…just good people looking to do good.

I took a lot from it.

1. I have the energy to go 14 hours long while running on water and very little snacks. (I usually can never go more than 4 hours before feeling like I’m going to chomp on my arm)

2. I can have more energy than I think  (I’ve been feeling my age lately)

3. I can be early! We arrived on time every day…kind of a big deal for me.

Well, much more than that.  Actually more than I expected.  I’m really glad I committed to the experience.  Now, totally looking forward to seeing what will come of me now that I’ve “Unleashed the Power within” (so cliche, I know lol).

So is it worth it the time and money? Well, this is only something you can decide on.  I’m just glad i did.

Love, Loops aka “Diana”