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A guide to information search on the internet

Searching for information is a part of everyday life for adults and children alike, whether the information is needed to do our jobs better, or complete a school project or just help us pursue a new hobby - at some point we will search out information from whatever source is available to us.

One of the primary methods used for information search these days is the Internet, and Web search tools are becoming a widespread means to acquire knowledge.  One of the fastest ways to find something on the Web is by using a search engine - search engines provide results as a list of hyperlinks to web sites, which contain the key word or phrase that you are searching for.

Internet surfers carry out about millions of Web searches a day on thousands of topics, however the major challenge with using the Internet for your information search is that search engines can return thousands of results, not all appropriate to your needs.

There are a couple of steps you can carry out to assist you in a more successful search for information on the Internet.

  • The first step of any information search is to know what you are looking for - make sure you have defined your subject matter clearly and specifically

  • The second step is knowing when to stop– define what, or how much information you need to make the decision to stop searching

We are passionate about information and the Web and have put together Want2Find.Info to offer help and advice on all methods of using the internet to find the right information quickly and efficiently.

Whether your information search is for work, study, or personal interests, Want2Find.Info contains great resources, articles and downloads to help you find the information you are searching for…

The Want2Find.Info Team

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