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Certified Professionals, Resource Conservation and Sustainability

What’s New at CVC...

Exciting advances in the treatment of powdery mildew...

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Real-time monitoring with Ranch Systems weather stations...

New CVC Database services...


The principals of CVC have been professional vineyard consultants for over 30 years and have been certified as Professional Soil Scientists and Agronomists for over 25 years. Our professional certifications, breadth of experience and a proven track record places CVC as a leader in the viticulture industry. CVC is proud of the long term relationships that we have developed with our clientele.

Technical innovation to grow premium winegrapes...

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CVC offers professional technical services to help our clientele efficiently manage their vineyards and grow premium wine grapes. Our services are custom designed to address the specific requirements and conditions of each project. Our vineyard services maximize efficiency and quality for both the grower and winery. CVC's extensive clientele consists of wineries, growers, investors, engineers, financial lenders, and real estate professionals. CVC can design solutions for your next project. Hover on the icons above for an introduction to our services.

Expert Irrigation Monitoring and Advice

CVC’s proven irrigation and plant mapping services ensures high quality fruit and yields…>


CVC’s plant nutrition program optimizes your fertilizer inputs and vineyard health….

Soil Testing...

Soil studies performed by experienced Certified Professional Soil Scientists provide the best information and advice for your vineyards…..

Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery collected once a season or every week during the growing season provides the best bird’s eye view of your vineyard...


Learn how CVC’s in-house GIS experts can assist you with precision farming, data collection and state of the art mapping…...

Weather Stations

CVC has partnered with Ranch Systems to provide real time weather data, real time soil moisture monitoring, as well as irrigation operation and control…

Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Certified Crop Adviser

Powdery Mildew

CVC’s spore traps are the best Grape Powdery Mildew scout on the planet…

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