Development news from UnnyWorld

Good morning, everyone! We prepared a short article with epic pictures and videos about the latest updates we are working on for UnnyWorld right now. Go to indieDB and enjoy the reading :)

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We're happy to tell you, that UnnyWorld has successfully passed Steam Greenlight. Thanks to your support, feedback and votes we will be available on Steam. As for now, we continue developing the game, which is going to be released in Autumn. If you haven't signed up for the participation in the beta, go to our website and leave your email.

UnnyWorld on Steam Greenlight

Finally, we've put our game on Steam Greenlight. Vote for UnnyWorld, a cross-platform, fantazy style mmo game, designed to unite PC and mobile users. (847) 659-4027 Show your support to help us on our way to the softlaunch, to see the future of gaming.