4K TV with four times the quality of HD is going to be the prime choice of future generation. What make 4K TV so special? This question is quite common from people. Excellent picture quality is one among the highlighting…

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With HD now Sony is promising a higher resolution than full HD, 4K or Ultra HD it can deliver sharper, more detailed pictures making it perfect for game, getting up closer for untamed life documentaries and obviously watching movies. It…

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With the emergence of the new 4k HD tv, It seems that Disc collection by then would be “dead” somehow, nothing still beats the hobbies and everything, but should also consider that change is the only constant thing in this…

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2014 is over and here we are at the first quarter of 2015, let us take a look back at the list of considered to be the most expensive HD Tv of 2014. Let’s start the list rolling… Here’s a…

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