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About MakeXchange

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3D Printing hype is everywhere, but why hasn't the technology been more broadly adopted?

Small-scale manufacturing with opensource technologies such as arduino, raspberry pi, 3D printing, and access to vast design libraries holds great promise, but so far the delivery has been light. Printing materials are costly and complicated, printing times continue to be prohibitively slow, and design still requires significant technical expertise. Prototyping in the past meant arduous interactions with foreign designers and mold makers, resulting in expensive and slow product cycles. Enable your manufacturing to keep pace with your innovations by enlisting our team of distributed designers and printers. Crowd-sourcing your prototyping can shave months off of your development cycle, leading to marketable products that previously were not feasible.

  • Crowd-Sourced Design

    Get the design your really want, without the technical requirements. Enlist the help of hundreds of designers to quickly create something from scratch, or work with a smaller team to refine an existing design.

  • Distributed Manufacturing

    By enlisting the help of multiple printers, you can effect small-scale mass production at the touch of a button. Print multiple prototypes simultaneously to reduce development cycle times.


Reduced Development Costs

Traditional manufacturing processes can be expensive. Leverage the power of 3d printing to make what you want at a fraction of the cost.

More Design Iterations

Reduced time-to-print means you can spend more time evaluating and refining designs, instead of waiting months between prototype deliveries.

Reduced Time to Market

By condensing the entire development life-cycle, you get your products to market before your competitors.

Greater Innovation

We know there are some products on your wish-list, but with limited resources you can't make them all. With reduced costs and quicker dev cycles, you can make products that previously weren't possible.

How it Works


Choose a Design

Choose from one of our many designs, upload a custom design of your own, or enlist the help of thousands of designers to build a template for you!


Edit & Customize

MakeXchange connects a network of 3d-printing design experts with you to ensure that you get a quality design for your product.


Choose your Materials

Select from a number of materials, including ABS, PLA, nylon, wood, or metal. MakeXchange maintains information on the individual printer types, speeds, and quality to ensure you get what you need at a competitive price.


Send to Print

Choose where you'd like to have you product printed. Our network of 3d-printer owners grows every day, so you can scale quickly by sending to multiple printers at the same time!

MakeXchange in Numbers


Meet The Team

Joe Greer

CEO & Founder

3d printing aficionado and serial entrepreneur. Previously owned The Lameer Group.

Joe DiNardo


Tech wiz with a love for building SaaS platforms.

Tayo Adegoke


Fortune 100 strategy advisor for global software firms and MakeXchange visionary.

Charlie Cooper

COO & Quality Manager

Master of manufacturing with a Ph.D. in material engineering.

Patrick Young


Serial entrepeneur and exchange market expert.

Michael Duff


Director of Tech Ops, CME Group.

Made with in Chicago

Founded by a team from University of Chicago Booth's School of Business, MakeXchange was a finalist in the GNVC 2015 competition.

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  • 111 W. Illinois St.
    Chicago, IL 60654