Oxfam has received 26 new allegations about abuse since the sexual exploitation scandal was exposed on February 9, MPs have been told.

Mark Goldring, the chief executive of the charity, told the Commons development committee on Tuesday morning the cases related to Oxfam’s operations both in the UK and abroad over an “extended period of time”.

He also revealed that 7,000 individuals have cancelled their regular donation to Oxfam over the last ten days while corporate sponsors are “reserving judgment.”

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WASHINGTON ― Republicans have said a lot about how they want to reform the tax code this year ― repealing taxes on large inheritances, cutting the number of tax brackets, and reducing tax rates for businesses.

But they haven’t said a thing about what they want to do with a tax break for working-class Americans that, as of 2015, reached more than 28 million low-income households: the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC. Unlike tax breaks that reduce the amount of taxes a person owes, the EITC actually gives people money directly.

Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly expanded this credit on a bipartisan basis since it was first created in 1975. Conceived as a ”work bonus,” the measure served as an alternative to proposals to that would have given poor families a guaranteed income. It was supposed to be temporary, but Congress has gradually increased the value of the benefits through a half-dozen pieces of legislation since then.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to face off in a debate tonight that is expected to

gather an audience of up to 100 million people. The debate will air on various media network and social media outlets at 9 PM Eastern time and is expected to late 90 minutes.