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We Sought Asylum From Trump's Rhetoric In Mexico. Here's What Happened

If American journalists are so afraid for their safety here in America, maybe they would be better off and safer in Mexico.

Dan Crenshaw Puts Trump's Veterans Day Whiff On Arlington In Perspective

'I don't think it necessarily affects us, where he shows up to anyway ceremonial fashion'

Stacey Abrams Refuses To Call Brian Kemp The ‘Legitimate’ Governor-Elect Of Georgia

'He is the person who won the adequate number of votes'

A Federal Judge Rewards CNN's Jim Acosta For Bad Behavior

Acosta has made it a habit of being rude and disruptive

Democratic 2020 Candidate Wants Government-Sponsored 'Social Credit' System Comparable To China's

'They might qualify for various perks'

‘He’s Trolling His Wife’ - Don Lemon Weighs In On Kellyanne Conway’s Marriage

'I can’t even be friends with someone like that.'

Do You Really Need An ID To Purchase Cereal?

TheDC went to see if a reporter would need a photo ID for a few tasks

CNN Panel Gets Heated After Niger Innis Accuses Symone Sanders Of Being An Apologist For The Anti-ICE Movement

'Did you just call me an apologist?'

MSNBC Panel Claims Media Fairness In Media Coverage Led to Hillary's Loss In 2016 Election

Media feel the need to balance 'attach controversy' to Democrats in order to 'appear balanced'

Trump Works On Mueller Answers, Avoiding 'Perjury Traps'

'I answered them very easily'

The Citadel Releases Epic Hype Video For Their Game Against Alabama

It will make you want to run through a wall

Border Patrol Sector Chief Talks Tough To Migrant Caravan Headed For Southern Border

'We're not going to let people mass across the border'

Democrats Flipped Midterm House Seats Because They Promised To Bounce Pelosi, Says Steve Scalise

'You’re seeing a growing opposition to Nancy Pelosi'

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Makes The Case For Whitaker Over Rod Rosenstein

'Conflicts for people like Rosenstein is an absolute cardiac arrest'

Only Democrats Would Accuse A Woman Of Sexism To Win An Election, Says Ed Henry

'Does that really make sense?'

When A Police Deputy Pulled Over An Illegal Immigrant, Gunfire Broke Out. Here's How The Face-Off Went Down

'Fortunately the first shot missed'

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Roger Stone Weighs in on Bombshell Wikileaks Text Messages

'I'm being persecuted for supporting Trump'

Former CIA And NSA Director Says Trump Slighted The Troops On Veterans Day On Purpose

'It absolutely is a slight'

CNN's Van Jones Gives Trump Rare Praise And 'Applause' For Prison Reform Agenda

'I’ll give him a salute and an applause'

Maddow Asks Why Chuck Schumer Isn't Facing The Same Level Of Scrutiny As Pelosi

'Would be a classic Democratic Party move'

Judge Napolitano Calls Trump's Prison Reform Proposal A Political 'Win-Win'

'It couldn’t happen under Barack Obama'

John Cena's Collaboration With This Huge Vodka Company Has Left Us With A Lot Of Questions

What is he doing?

Can A Pro-Coal Democrat Become President Of The United States?

'The Democratic Party fell from grace'

Bryce Harper Gives Cryptic Hint About Where He May End Up [WATCH]

What do you make of this?

Fox News Tries To Ask Elon Musk's Brother About Tesla Turmoil -- Things Got Awkward

'I expect an answer'

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