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How it works
magMaker Editions is a super simple, completely cloud-based digital publishing solution designed so you can manage your apps and issues from anywhere.
Upload your PDF
Use our online management tool to upload the same PDF file you send to your printer
Before you pay, use the magMaker Viewer to preview your issue as it will appear in the app stores

Download the magMaker Viewer
Add Optional interactivity
Use our online management tool to add additional features and interactivity
Approve, pay & publish
Use our online management tool to approve your issue. We submit your app and publish your issues for the iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon app stores. You are not charged until you approve your issue.
Standard features
All of the magMaker Editions features can be configured in the cloud. You manage which features are enabled and when. There is no need to submit an update to add or remove features. You are in control.
Custom branded app for iOS and Android
We publish your apps and issues for distribution on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones. Our online web viewer lets your readers view their purchased issues on their desktop as well.
Publisher-managed social marketing optimization
The social marketing feature allows publishers to assign the social marketing panel to any pages in their issues. Readers can easily like, follow or view social feeds. Finally, a feature you can sell to advertisers.
Text Search
The magMaker Editions search feature lets users search your issues for text that appears on the pages. Search results appear in a convenient panel, allowing readers to quickly navigate to content.
The magMaker Editions app lets your users share pages via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Readers can also clip a portion of a page and post it to their Pinterest accounts.
Visual TOC
There are multiple ways to navigate a magMaker Editions issue. The visual TOC provides readers with a visual overview of all pages in the issue.
Publisher-managed links directory
No more tapping around to find links. Publishers can manage the links directory to assign links to any page in their issues. Readers are alerted that a page contains links by the appearance of a links icon when the reader swipes to that page. In addition, a links icon on the bottom tab bar allows readers to view all links assigned to the issue.
Publisher-managed features panel
Publishers can manage the features panel to determine which pages/articles are displayed to the user as features. Publishers can edit this panel at any time and the display changes immediately
Readers can bookmark any page or number of pages in an issue for later viewing. For user convenience, bookmarked pages are accessed in a separate tab of the page viewer. Tapping the viewer icon on the bottom tab bar will provide access for all pages in the issues as well as the ones that have been bookmarked.
Text view
magMaker Editions strips live text from the uploaded PDF and places it in a repository for each page. Publishers can add images and enable the text view. Readers see an icon at the top of the page when text view is enabled.
Content refresh
magMaker Editions was developed to be responsive to the ever changing beast that is news and information. Far from being static, your magMaker Editions app can be updated at any time. For your readers, it’s as simple as tapping the refresh button to pull in the latest updates.
Digital entitlement
magMaker Editions makes it easy for your readers to access their purchases on multiple devices and multiple platforms.
Why choose magMaker Editions?
magMaker Editions was conceived by publishing professionals who are intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities facing the magazine industry, the needs of advertisers, and the expectations of users. magMaker Editions is designed to be an affordable, turnkey solution that rationally addresses the dual existence of print and digital. Our dedication to providing the best tool possible is driven by these 4 questions...
Does the technology address
the challenges
magMaker Editions is built on an HTML 5 foundation and is layered with the latest web technologies. Our goal is to provide a modular tool that addresses the challenges and opportunities of publishers today while anticipating those to be faced tomorrow.
Does the experience meet and exceed user expectations?
Over 20 years of interactive design experience has gone into creating a UI that is intelligent, current, and provides what users expect while eliminating distractions. We don’t do it just because we can.
How to integrate elegant
revenue drivers?
As publishing professionals ourselves, we understand that when all is said and done, advertising revenue is crucial. We have worked tirelessly to integrate advertising opportunities in ways that are elegant, non-intrusive, and encourage engagement.
How can we improve?
Our most valuable barometer for improvement is the feedback we get from industry trends, client partners and readers. This informs us on how to continually push the envelope and to provide tools that help you to not just compete, but to win in this rapidly changing environment.
Our Team
Ed Young
Ali Sharif
Product Innovation
David Maisel
Dan Goldman
Deepak Demiwal
Product Development
Adeesh Jain
Product Engineering
We understand that magMaker Editions is the new kid on the block, and as such, you have questions. We have provided answers to the most frequently asked question below. If your question is not answered, please contact us at

Q: Why do I need an app?

A: In today's multi-platform world, consumers want their content when, where, and how they choose. magMaker Editions is the perfect digital platform for providing choice, convenience of use and experience that complement your print offering and enhance your brand.

Q: I have my magazine in one of the digital magazine app store apps so why do I need magMaker Editions?

A: We believe that in order to thrive in the digital age, it is imperative that magazine brands stand on their own in the app space. Being available only in someone else’s branded app, acknowledges that their brand is always primary to yours – Kind of like a little fish in someone else's pond.

Current digital publishing platforms have one or more of these shortcomings:
  • They are expensive
  • They disrupt your workflow
  • As we stated, they minimize your brand to promote their own
  • They "mash up" your content with others which, further reduces your brand equity..

Q: Can any changes be made to my issues after they’ve been published?

A: Content can be updated at any time. Push notifications can be sent informing the reader that new content exists. Readers tap the refresh button to download updated content. A dynamic content panel indicates to the reader updated content is available.

Q: Do you have any analytical information?

A: Yes. Flurry analytics is integrated into magMaker Editions apps as a standard feature. We provide:
  • Time spent in app
  • Number of downloads
  • Page views
  • Number of session

Q: Can I have back issues available?

A: Absolutely! Providing back issues is a great way to increase the value and experience of your app. We provide an optional back issue inclusion service at a reasonable price.

Q: Can I get video and/or audio in my app?

A: Your magMaker Editions apps can be augmented to include a range of optional interactivity, including audio, video, slide show, trigger/targets and much more.

Q: Can I have links for my advertisers and for promotion of my own product?

A: Yes. As part of the standard feature set, magMaker Editions allows you to configure the links panel with as many advertiser or product links as you like. No need to clutter your pages with buttons or have your readers tap around searching for hot spots.

Q: Can I sell physical products through my magMaker Editions app?

A: We can integrate your online storefront into your magMaker Editions apps. All purchase handling occurs through your web portal and we don't have access to any of your valuable purchaser data.

Q: How are you going to let the consumer know about my app?

A: We develop effective and sustainable initiatives that exist as part of a larger, integrated distribution strategy and that simultaneously targets all stakeholders with coordinated and consistent messages and supporting proof points. For maximum impact, we develop digital plans that are guided by a strategy wholly consistent with publishers’ “mission objectives.” Contact us about our digital consulting services.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: We remit to you all purchase revenues, minus app store fees.

Q: What information do I get about the purchaser?

A: We pass on any and all purchaser/subscriber information provided by the various app stores.

Q: Who determines the price for single issues and subscriptions?

A: You set the price for all content sold through your magMaker Editions app.
One-time $150 setup fee

• 500 GB/month of free downloads, $0.07/issue thereafter.

$150 per issue
No commitment
No lock-in
Pay as you go
Cancel at any time
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