During a Monday night press conference, police said an officer and three others, including the gunman, are dead after a shooting at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said […]


California wildfires created dangerous levels of air pollution across the state. The toxic air could have short-term and long-term health impacts on residents. Ed Avol, a professor of clinical medicine […]


There could be some pretty rough weather conditions in parts of the country over the Thanksgiving holiday, the busiest travel holiday of the year. David Parkinson, CBS News weather producer, […]


Philadelphia police say two men and two women were found Monday in the basement of a home with one gunshot wound each to the head. CBS Philadelphia’s Joe Holden reports.

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Dozens were killed by wildfires in California and nearly 1,000 people are still unaccounted for. Crews are searching for victims amid the rubble. CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver joins CBSN […]


A group of 16 Democrats released a letter Monday declaring they would not support Nancy Pelosi’s bid for House Speaker. She needs 218 votes, or just over half of the […]


Mozzeria is one of the top pizza places in San Francisco. It’s also one of the first to be entirely owned and operated by people who are deaf. Tracy Smith […]


This season, at least two players have died of injuries sustained on the football field. Others have broken bones and suffered brain injuries, fueling the debate over the risks of […]