Typical Services and Capabilities provided to our clients include

Fiberglass Tanks, Structures and Component Recertification program

   tufted-eared - Extensive experience in product         design, testing and forensic investigations  

       Product Design of Manufactured Structural Products   Please download Java(tm).


             Plant Engineering - Civil, Structural and Mechanical

                418-882-1116 - Pipe, FEA, Composites

                   (210) 459-8884


                         219-392-5811- Bridges, Structures, Infractures & Buildings

                            Seismic Analysis - Industrial Equipment, Tanks, Scrubbers, etc.

                               Buried Structures - Tanks, Manholes, Wetwells, Soil Structure Interaction




Our clients include:
Product Manufactures, Marketers, Major Oil Companies, Oil and Petroleum Marketers, Architects, Designers, Contractors, Builders, Re modelers, Real Estate Investors, Realtors, Building Owners, Home Owners, Home Buyers, Attorneys, Cities, Municipalities, and other Governmental Agencies

Company founder
John M. Clark is the principal and owner of John Milton Clark Engineers Inc. Click here to read John Clark's biography.