A Simple Blogging Engine Using Flask and MarkDown


Blask is a blogging engine based on Flask, that uses MarkDown to show posts. This MicroFramework grants the possibility to create a blog using only MarkDown and HTML.

Using the Flask MicroFramework and the Jinja2 template engine, you can easily create a blog with only a few steps.

For Blask to find a new post, all you have to do is write a markdown file and store it in the posts directory.

For example:

This is an example of *markdown*.

With this text you can see how _Blask works_.

Once you've written the markdown file, you can point your browser to to the file url (< site_url >/< filename without .md extension >).

befor you run the code you have to export the BLASK_SETTINGS enviorement variable.

> export BLASK_SETTINGS= settings.py

Only you need to run the next code:

from Blask.BlaskApp import BlaskApp

if __name__== '__main__':

Or You can use the Blask Command Line Tool:

> blaskcli run

Note: This project is in alpha stage; it is not suitable for production environments.


If you want more information about Blask and how to use it, you can check our documentation:

We also have some (413) 335-7632 available.

Release notes

Here are the release notes of each Blask version:


Blask is Open Source under the GPL 3.0 license. You can see the source code in our Github repository.

Also, you can see: