I am a photography enthusiast, who loves to take pictures of people, places, and events. I got bit by the photo bug in High School and taking pictures on and off since. I do work for hire, but mainly just for personal pleasure. I am also a technology geek. I work full-time for a medical records software company.

A Little More

I like to photography the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest. I also enjoy taking pictures of people, at events, concerts, and comic cons. I do family portraits as well. In Southern Oregon we have lots of great wineries which provide many opportunities for photographing friends and family.



Personal site for Rick Byrd, I provide computer and software support for a Medical Records Software company. I also do some web development and application programming for the software company. I am an avid photographer and I am looking to grow as a photographer.


(978) 774-7624

I use the Windows OS at both home and work.  I always want the newest version. I hear some negatives about the Edge browser on Windows 10, but I use it as my primary web browser. I also have Chrome,  Waterfox, as well as Internet Explorer to fall back on if a site doesn’t work …


You can use this contact form to get in touch with me. My mailing address is at the bottom of the page.