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Our payload has successfully returned to Planet Earth. Next payload launch will be in 2Q 2018. For more details regarding the 04 June 2017 launch, see 5068140274

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We congratulate BSE on the launch of their first space experiment to the International Space Station

Bhattarcharya Space Enterprises (BSE) has been providing inspiration and support for the local space scene since early 2016, from organising space-related awareness events for students and the general public, to Singapore's first World Space Week within its first year of operations. We congratulate BSE on the launch of their first space experiment to the International Space Station, and hope this is the first of many to come!

Mr. Beh Kian Teik Assistant Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board

Access to space used to be almost entirely limited to government agencies and large corporations.

Public access to space itself is disruptive and the prospect of conceptualizing, designing and building experimental hardware that will actually be launched as part of an individual undergraduate project is simply mind blowing. It is also a major challenge to the technical and scientific abilities and organizational skills of even the best student. It is clear from the students response that they are keen to prove to themselves and the world that they can do it. These are not toy projects but real hardware that has to perform and deliver useful results and this provides motivation that goes beyond a target GPA anytime. The skills and experience gained in meeting these challenges will no doubt serve them well.

Assistant Professor Jan Gruber Yale-NUS Science Division, NUS Department of Biochemistry

Our place in the universe has fascinated mankind for millennia.

Space exploration has also been an engine for technological innovation in the 20th century. Organizations such as Bhattacharya Space Enterprises are now taking us into the next phase by democratizing space exploration. BSE’s mission to enable students to be a part of such activities by bringing space exploration within their reach will go a long way in inspiring and engaging young minds to think creatively.

Assistant Professor Ajay S. Mathuru Yale-NUS Science Division; Joint Principal Investigator, NUS Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Microgravity Research@ISS

See how Singaporean students are conducting research on board the International Space Station.

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Bidushi Bhattacharya, Ph.D.

Dr. Bhattacharya is a rocket scientist with over two decades experience working for NASA and in higher education administration.

Research Technical Lead
Smiriti Srivastava

Smiriti is a Master's Student in Aerospace Engineering in TUM Asia.

Chia Lih Wei

Lih Wei is an undergraduate at the NUSFaculty of Engineering and was the Chief Product Engineer for Berner International. He has worked on the NUS Galassia CubeSatellite.

Media & Communications Intern
Faith Tng

Faith majors in Communication at The University of Buffalo, SIM Global. Inspired by the sci-fi books from her childhood, she is now exploring ways to create excitement about space through social media and creative writing. She is particularly interested in the role of AI in space.

Engineering Intern
Nikunj Agrawal

Nikunj Agrawal is an undergraduate student of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras in India.

Shiva Ramaswami

Shiva is a student that goes to high school in Los Angeles.

Siddhant Kapoor

Siddhant is an undergraduate student ,majoring in Physics, at University College London.

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