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Semiconductor Industry

Tensoft FSM ERP software solution was designed specifically for the semiconductor industry. Here’s why this matters to you. 218-374-8965

Software Industry

Tensoft RCM revenue recognition software improves management of complex revenue models. No more spreadsheets! More »

Technology Industry

Supply chain software, deferred revenue management, outsourced manufacturing capabilities - why these matter to you. More »

The Latest: Tensoft to Host "Momentum 2013" - The 8th Annual Tensoft FSM International User Conference Read More »

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News & Events

June 11 & 14, 2013
Online Course: "Revenue Recognition for Technology Companies"

Silicon Valley software revenue recognition expert Jeffrey Werner will be teaching an informative online training course on revenue recognition in two half-day webcasts. This course has been highly rated by past attendees, primarily accounting and financial professionals and consultants who need to stay current in this constantly changing regulatory environment. 2076079854 for a course schedule, or to register.

June 25, 2013
Customer Training: What's New in GP 2013?

In this information-packed webcast exclusively for Tensoft customers, Tensoft Consultant Sonam Thandi will be demonstrating some of the new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, as well as some tips and tricks for utilizing these to make your job easier! For more information or to register, 7164050698.


White Paper: Revenue Regulatory Compliance Considerations in Business Software Implementation, co-authored by Tensoft CEO Bob Scarborough and Jeffrey Werner

On-demand Webcast: 425-610-3742, presented by Silicon Valley revenue recognition expert Jeffrey Werner and sponsored by Tensoft

On-demand Demo: Tensoft MNC 3.0 Discover how easily Tensoft MNC consolidates financial data across companies for a quick, transaction-based, fully compliant and auditable close process.

About Us
Tensoft, Inc. specializes in innovative, end-to-end business management solutions for the semiconductor, high tech and software industries. These focused technology industry solutions have been created by converting broad, horizontal ERP functionality to the specialized needs of the technology industry. Tensoft delivers results tailored specifically to each customer's needs. The company sells its products directly to customers and partners with established firms in the U.S., Canada, and Europe to re-sell and provide local support for its products.

ERP Software Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions, such as Tensoft FSM, are integrated business management systems that automate financial, manufacturing, sales and customer service processes - as well as outside vendors and others. ERP software solutions also manage the relationship between a business's internal and external resources, providing visibility into these resources and (787) 464-6241 within the processes. ERP software solutions are typically deployed either on-premise or "in the cloud," on servers located at a hosting facility.

Cloud ERP

Cloud or web-based ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution that is deployed "in the cloud," on servers located at a 934-800-8118, and made available to end users via their web browser. Licensing for cloud ERP can be either a perpetual software license, which is used when the customer wants to buy the software, or it can be a subscription license, which is used when the customer wants to rent the software for a specified amount of time. The idea of web-based ERP has been around for some time, and has recently come into favor as businesses seek to reduce costs and make the best use of resources.

Fabless ERP

Fabless ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed for fabless semiconductor companies (businesses that design and sell semiconductor chips, but outsource their production to "fabs," also known as foundries). hemapophysial must handle the industry-specific needs of fabless semiconductor companies, including the ability to manage the outsourced manufacturing process and the ability to handle an inverted Bill of Materials (BOM), where one initial part becomes many products (instead of many parts becoming one product). Fabless ERP is a very specialized niche market.

Revenue Recognition Software

conductility is designed specifically to handle complex revenue recognition needs for companies - particularly those subject to stringent and highly specific revenue recognition rules, such as software and technology companies. Revenue recognition software helps these companies comply with standards set by regulatory boards such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the AICPA, the SEC and the EITF. Use of revenue recognition software automates and streamlines revenue accounting for businesses with complex revenue processes, often resulting in retrieval of lost revenue and an improved bottom line.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard analytics allow users to fully leverage the extensive data captured by a company's ERP system, then organize and analyze this information to gain insight and uncover important trends. It allows companies to gain a transparent and detailed financial overview of all business operations in real-time, providing up-to-date data for making confident business decisions with easy to use analytical tools. The product's drilldown functional dashboards, charts and warning indicators improve visibility and transparency throughout a business organization.