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Vocab Guru provides complete vocabulary training for competitive exams like GRE, CAT, GOVT. JOB, BANKING / P.O., SCHOOL GOING, COLLEGE, It understands the essence of vocabulary in the above exams , so it provides innovative , unique , audio –visual techniques’ and more to bring a dramatic shift in one’s vocabulary in unbelievable short duration of time . The techniques’ help to learn plenty of words in few hours with long term retention.

Who are We?

VocabGuru is the vocabulary product, an alternate education and content organization. We are a dedicated group of individuals with one simple belief for education: The processes of learning has to be made interactive and visual mediums need to be explored to the fullest. The whole concept of VocabGuru is premised on this audio-visual imagery and we hope that you would appreciate our efforts.

What do we do?

VocabGuru is a hybrid concept, and we keep ourselves indulged in many pursuits. VocabGuru is one of our prized pursuits and is an assimilation of many a small unrefined skills all put across the online medium, which does come at an economical cost these days..:). We believe in the random use of images,videos and link sentnces and merge them all to create the content you see on this site. Keep following us for more such random attempts.

  • visual vocabulary

    we have providing more than 3000 words with great images

  • special link sentence

    remember the use of words with amazing link sentences

iPhone mockup
  • learn with video

    interesting videos for learn the words

  • do with mobile

    interesting videos for learn the words

How it Works

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