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Antler Adventures is proud to offer handcrafted, custom antler furniture, antler tables and antler home decor. The antler furniture line features several types of antler tables consisting of coffee, sofa, end, and accent tables. The antler home decor products consist of chandeliers, lamps, coat racks, kitchen decor, and candles. Antler Adventure's antler furniture and home decor are handcrafted in Payson, Arizona with authentic, naturally-shed, elk and deer antlers.

Due to demand from local retailers, most spec pieces created never make it to the internet. They are sold when they're made. Prospective customers are encouraged to browse through the picture gallery for ideas and then let Antler Adventures hand-craft a custom antler piece for you at wholesale prices. You can get exactly what you want and not have to pay retail prices in the process.

Hand-Crafted Antler Furniture

Every piece of antler furniture and home decor is hand-made at Antler Adventures by  a single craftsman, Johnny Hughes. Every creation, from beginning to end, everytime.

Great care is taken into the planning and crafting of each antler original to assure integrity and beauty  are both accomplished.

Due to the unique shapes of individual antlers, each piece of antler furniture or home decor is immediately a custom original upon completion and impossible to be duplicated. However, individual styles and themes may be imitated and incorporated into companion pieces to create similar styles in antler furniture sets.

Antler Adventures' antler tables and antler chandeliers are typically created with the philosophy to use the minimum number of antlers necessary to ensure structural integrity. The idea is to showcase the individual antlers, not make a pile of antlers. More is not always better.

Antler lamps, antler kitchen decor and antler candles all provide subtile outdoor accents to any home, cabin, or office.

Discover the unique beauty of fine antler furniture and decor. Give the perfect gift to that special person in your life who is impossible to shop for... You provide the gift, we provide the "Wow!"

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(323) 542-0143 are created with elk and deer antlers in different styles to compliment any home. Custom elk antler coffee, sofa, end, and accent tables can be created individually, or as sets. All elk antler tables are crafted to strict specifications and deserve their reputation as fine antler furniture.

(606) 657-2155 includes a complete line of banana holders, coffee cup holders, salt and pepper sets, toothpick holders, and wine racks. All kitchen decor items are crafted with deer and elk antlers into stylish, yet functional, accents for the home.

Antler Lighting includes chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps created from elk and deer antlers. Antler lighting will brighten any room with the beauty of nature.

(209) 841-5951 are crafted from deer and elk antlers, ranging from single-antler candles to multi-candle candelabras. Antler candles offer the perfect touch to any decor.

857-869-5993 accent any entryway and provide a stylish way to store your hats and coats. Antler coat racks are created as both free-standing and wall-mounted racks.

Antler Accessories include fruit, candy and potpourri bowls nestled in deer antlers, wind chimes, and knives. Antler accessories provide subtile outdoor accents to any decor.

Custom Antler Furniture

Custom Antler Furniture is as simple as telling us what you want. Whether it be an antler sofa table, a candelabra, a chandelier, or a wind chime, if you can dream it, we can make it. Custom antler furniture costs no more than any other antler furniture. 

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Antler Adventures guarantees the craftsmanship of every antler original. Your satisfaction with our work is important. There are no corporate hassles here. If there is ever a problem, just call us. 928-468-6080. There is always a solution!