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Clinics are often associated with a general medical practice, run by one or several general practitioners or clinics are usually operated by physiotherapists and psychology clinics by clinical psychologists, and so on for each health profession.

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Triage is normally the first stage the patient passes through, and consists of


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Children can present a particular challenge in treatment. Departments



The emergency departments operate 24 hours a day, although staffing may


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Service Areas

How we can help
  • Neuro Development Therapy

  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

  • Brain Gym

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Re-Joyce Therapy

  • Group & Play Therapy

  • Visual Stimulation Therapy

  • Intensive Stroke Therapy

  • Balance & Fall Prevention Clinic

  • Virtual Reality Training

  • Treadmill Gait Lab

  • Sensory Biofeedback

  • MAES Therapy & Visual Stimulation Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Vestibular Rehab

  • Neuro Yoga

  • Pediatric Sports Training

  • Treadmill Partial Weight Bearing System

  • Functional Pilates

  • Ergonomics

  • Functional Electrical Stimulation

  • Speech Therapy, Voice Clinic & Audiology

  • Sensory Integration Clinic

  • Saebo Arm & Daebo Arm Training

  • Thera Suit

  • Lymphatic Myotherapy

  • International Services

  • Functional Biofeedback System

  • Exercise Group & Educational Sessions

  • Community Ambulation

Our staff

Dry Needling expert.
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Paediatric Physiotheraphist
Chief Paediatric Physiotherapist
Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar (MPT)
Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar (MPT)
Stroke & Spine Specialists

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Because we care
Today’s Technologies at Medical Service

Today’s Technologies at Medical Service

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Risk of Acute Kidney Injury

Japanese giant Nissan has unveiled the world’s first nanopaint technology that stops a car getting dirty.


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#74, AN Krishna Rao Road
V.V.Puram, Bangalore- 560004
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