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What is UNPARALLELED in F.R.I.E.N.D.S that it SUPRESSES the TRAUMA of modern comedy??


This one liner said on 24Th September 1994 was the beginning of an epic era or I must say a fandom era

About 100 best hours of ones life….The 6 lead characters madethis a promise.

And I  still know that by reading this line there must be memory of all the events of this episode and a magnificent smile

This is the thing about friends that it still manages to bring a smile whenever phoebe gets pregnant with her brothers baby, everyone finds out about chandler and Monika , or when chandler visits his dad.

( Yeah I did make you remember these things again and you had a heartfelt smile. Yes yes I made your day a lot happier now. )


The recent comedy series are just surviving but friends in this genre is conquering even after 15 years of the closure.